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    Is there a simple way to open a Bratton sound without a key,if someone had misplaced their keys do BS do a open and replace locks option?

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    Yes, Give BS a call in the morning and they can arrange to send you a replacement lock and keys. They can also get an approved locksmith to come and get into your cabinet and replace the old lock with the new one.

    Had this done a while ago when my lock broke (under warranty so not sure what cost is)

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    I hope the sausage skins aren't in that safe!!!!
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    I'm sure someone on here was told exactly where to drill the front of the safe to gain access by Bratton sound. I'll do a quick search...........

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    14/4/2010 buckup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    14/4/2010 buckup?

    Help I can not unlock my gun safe.

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    It was me drop me a PM and I will tell you how I got in.


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