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Thread: Thats the drought sorted

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    Thats the drought sorted

    I have had a very poor run of success rececntly -about 8 outing and only a couple of munties to show despite there being lots of deer on both pieces of ground I cover. Friday lunch time loaded up and off. Last roe I shot there was in November. So I thought about the wind and decided to stalk through a wood cross a bit of open ground and than wait in front of a tree over looking a nice ley in the middle of 40 acre wood. Quite a bit of snow on the ground but so long as I kept to Keepers tyre tracks i was able to stalk quietly through the first wood. The snow and frost had put the bramble down and the snow made spying really easy - but nothing but then the wood is a bit draughty so perhaps the deer would be tucked up in the warmer big wood next door. Time was 3.30 about 1.5 hrs to darkening so I take up station in front of a large oak over looking the ley which is about 50m wide and 250 long and right in the middle of the wood. Not too cold I thought breeze on my right cheek. only trouble nothing to sit on. Well after 30 minutes I am stiff so have a little walk 2 steps that way 2this but keep looking through the bins for any sign of a beast. Wind is getting up - more snow forecast and its getting colder - my feet are ok but I am getting that cold feeling and start to shiver now and again - glad I put the thermals on but wish I had put on the furry hat. i hour and still nothing but now I am really feeling the cold and my back starts to ache. Shivering quite a bit now but I must not move to much as I have got to wait it out.I know there are beasts here and I need to get some does. Then as the light begins to fade I see a bum at 250 m. It turns to present a buck which proceeds to saunter along nibbling a bit bramble and then disappears in to the wood Another movement on the left - Mr badger out for early evening stroll. I look at him bumbling along for a couple of minutes and then back to careful spying of the edges . Light is going but the snow makes it brighter.
    Suddenly there is movement on my left at about 150m and a doe jumps out and make her way across the ley she disapears in the long grass but then out pops a buck with another doe and they go straight to a pheasant feeder where after a minute the first doe joins them. Rifle is on the sticks and I am braced against the tree absolutely rock solid.One doe turns and walks away from the feeder presenting broadside I am tracking her with the scope and as she stops I breath out half way and squeeze the trigger She goes straight down. The other two look round confused as to whats going on. The second doe presents and I send another one on its way. Classic lung shot reaction with a jump in the air and she runs off . I decide to follow up straight away to the fist beast which is lying dead.About 2 m on there is a lovely bright red blood trail in the snow which diminishes gradually until I come to the spot where the second doe lies. . Cold what cold The grallochs go nicely and Mr badger will be dining well tonight. I get my truck and drive right up to pick the carcasses up. Wash my hands with the can of hot water and 1 hour later both are hanging in the chiller and I am off for a cuppa confidence restored.

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    Nice, well done.

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