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Thread: I was supposed to be going stalking tomorrow

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    I was supposed to be going stalking tomorrow

    Was going to be stalking up near Balquidher tomorrow. We decided not earlier today. Just checked the mountain weather again - MWIS: Mountain Weather Information Service

    starting off with 70 mph winds, gusting up to 100 mph later -walking severely impeded. What's the bullet drift at 100 yds - aim a deer length in front.

    More seriously though is the avalanche risk. Glencoe is the closest Glencoe Avalanche Report - sportscotland Avalanche Information Service

    Overnight, above 800 metres areas of unstable windslab will continue to develop in sheltered locations. These new accumulations and recent unstable deposits will be weakly bonded as rain saturates the snowpack and avalanches will occur. Areas particularly affected will be steep slopes, gullies and scarp slopes with a West through North to East aspect above 800 metres. Cornices will be prone to collapse. The avalanche hazard will be High.

    i don't think I want to be anywhere near any sort of mountain with that sort of risk!

    I had better do my accounts and tax return then

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    wheres your sense of adventure, what did that Derek Trotter say "Who dares wins my son"

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    Don't blame you Paddy boy three killed in avalanche last week and another young chap fel and died in the last couple of days, bloody dangerous.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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