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Thread: American attitudes to hunting.

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    American attitudes to hunting.

    The general public in the US have a far better understanding of 'hunting' than we will ever have in the UK.

    New series starting on Sky soon:

    YUKON MEN show needs to be stopped!!! | dicovery channel yukon man Entertainment Value | PlanetFeedback

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    "These animals are in there own environment and these men hunt and prey on them for a sport and ruin everything these animals have found natural to them for years. Killing bears and other wild animals is not ok. Please investigate this cruelty somehow im reallyy disturbed this is on tv especially since children can see this "

    treehugger much?

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    Looks to be a good series, I just hope it is not edited for UK audiences.

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    I love people like that writing such emotive and indeed emotional letters............... the spelling........the grammar....... spectacular. She's in such a shallow part of the gene pool I suggest her ankles aren't even moist!!!


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