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Thread: .22 Hornet; To K or not to K ?

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    .22 Hornet; To K or not to K ?

    In recent years the venerable Hornet has improved significantly in performance. Since the developments of Li'l Gun, small pistol primers, new bullets etc, I am getting 2900 fps mv from a 40 grain bullet consistently. I was wondering what the views are as to whether there is anything to be gained by having the rifle re-chambered to K-Hornet ? Whilst I enjoy reloading, I haven't tried the very light bullets yet. The rifle is a 1954 BSA that shoots better than I can.

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    . The rifle is a 1954 BSA that shoots better than I can.[/QUOTE]
    That says it all why Change

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    A friend of mine has had a couple of hornet k's

    And said he wouldn't have one again. There isn't really any real gain to be had. Just more expensive really

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    Just throwing a few logs on the fire so to speak:

    a. Headspace is still determined by/at the rim.
    b. If the rifle in question is already a true ‘shooter’ by which I mean consistantly ˝” five-shot groups then leave WELL alone!
    c. If you must have a K22 HNT then ask the gunsmith prepared to do the work for guidance in the pros & cons of the long and short necked versions.
    d. Be prepared to invest a tidy sum in dies to arrive at a pain-free solution to the frustrations of resizing and seating. You will find a standard full length die very frustrating after the first half dozen collapsed necks!
    e. Enjoy!



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    Dont do it,you will gain very little,and cause yourself a load of hassle,leave it standard and enjoy.

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    I see the K as an answer to a problem that with modern powders no longer exists, if it ever did.
    My hornet, with an 18 inch barrel is getting 3000fps + with 35 to 45 grain bullets.


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    Thank you all for the comments and advice. I think I will leave it as standard.

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    good choice

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    Took mine out for a walk this afternoon, just plinking really + a couple of corvids.
    Actually the first time it has been out since I got the .243 at the end of November, it will get more outing as
    it is just so nice to use, and light to carry while the land is too wet to drive on.


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