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Thread: dvd rom for dsc 1 course

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    dvd rom for dsc 1 course

    hello all been told you can get a dvd rom or pc disk to assist on dsc level 1 traing as i spend all day on a computer this could be a great help in getting me up to scratch for feb 22nd need to do some serious reading from my manual but sadly sometimes just dont get the time to do this so if anyone can point me in the direction of the cd/dvd rom i be greatfull

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    There's somebody on this forum who produces them. Give it an hour and you'll have all the info from people on here. Be cool.

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    cheers goat hunter this site is great for usefull info on things many thanks

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    There is the BDS 'Ultimate Deer Data' Disc - which from memory costs around 50.

    There are also various supplier specific offerings both on CD and online - depending on who you are doing your course with these may be provided as part of the cost. These tend to be 'better value' than the BDS disc. As Goathunter has said, the relevant trade members will doubtless be in touch shortly.
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    id recommend one of the online revision sites they are fairly cheap pay monthly use as much as you like around 10 a month

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