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Thread: Car / snow trouble and boar succes

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    Car / snow trouble and boar succes

    Last Wednesday I went to my permission in Germany together with my dad. Because of all the snow and moon phase we where confident about getting a wild boar.
    When we arrived and wanted to do the feeding round it tuned out our syndicates 4x4 Vitara broke down earlier. When we are not at our permission a German local does the feeding for us, and he can use the Vitara for it. Now a Suzuki SJ stood in the spot of the Vitara on his forecourt so we had to do the round to the feeders with the SJ (owned by one of the other syndicate members). This is an old car and has some issues as wel. The snow made going through the woods difficult and slippery. Some steep slopes we could not get up any more and when I slithered backwards the car stalled. I could not get it started anymore so we left it in the woods and I got out my own Daihatsu Feroza to complete the feedinground. Next day one of the other syndicate members Jan arrived. My dad and me got the SJ out of the woods by towing it behind our Feroza. We got stuck on several occasions and without a lot of shovelling and chains around my tires I think we would never made it up and down the hills and slopes whilst towing the SJ. Took us 3 hours to get to the house again. Then I had to drag my friend out a deep snowy ditch where he involuntary parked his borrowed Mitsubishi Pajero and where it also broke down (talking about car trouble). I had it by then and was knackered.

    Nevertheless we sat in our high seats at 17.00 hours to try for a roedoe and wild boar. My dad had wild boar in front of him within 2 hours. It where 6 of them and according to my dad some where the biggest he had ever seen. He shot the smallest one in the group (I would have gone for the biggest) partly because it stood perfectly broadside. It dropped on the spot. At first he could not lift it himself so he asked for advice. I texted to drag the boar a couple of 100 meters from the feeding area with the car and gut the animal there so it would way 1/3 less. He did so, and got the boar in the larder. It weighed 53 kilos gutted.
    I only had seen a little roebuck up to now. Although it was cold I had it quite cosy in the high seat because I had my xmas present on, a sort of special hunting sleeping bag, and I lighted up some candles in a overturned flowerpot. With the view of snowy woodland in front of me and the slight flickering of candles on the ceiling it felt like xmas again.

    Just before 23.00 I saw a group of wild boar coming towards the feeding area. It where 2 little sows and 5 piglets. One of the piglets had a limb and I wanted to shoot this one. Unfortunately it either stood between other boar, or was facing me. So when one of the sows became somewhat restless I aimed for a piglet that stood broadside. After the shot the group went to the left and the boar I shot went to the right. I was confident about the shot and texted my dad he could pick me up. I waited for 10 minutes and went down to have a look. With all the snow the heavy bloodtrail was clearly visible and I tracked it easily. The boar was laying in cover after 40 meters with a good shouldershot. Amazing it went that far still. It was a 23 kilo (gutted) male piglet.
    My dad picked me up and driving back we saw a lot of damages the boar did on some meadows. These damages where fresh and we would sit by it tomorrow night. With the frost going this will be our main concern the coming weeks.

    We contemplated about the good evening we had en went to bed for a well deserved sleep.
    Next morning we took the Vitara to the garage and it turns out a “ satellite gear box “ which is under the front of the car was badly damaged and ripped. The mecanic either would try and get a replacement of the internet, or had to weld one himself. Costs between 500 and 1500 euro.
    That is the problem with a 4x4 that is used by the syndicate and our German helpers, it gets so much abuse and in the end something will break. So we will have to make arrangements about driving the car and who is responsible for damages in future.
    The other night me and my dad did not see any wild boar, but Jan saw a group of 11 and missed one in the end. But to be honest it was very cold and me and my dad only stayed out until 20.00. Next day all the feeding area’s where rampaged so if we had more patience we could have had another one.

    I keep my fingers crossed about the Vitara that it is soon fixed (at moderate cost) as our German helper has to do his feeding rounds with it. It turned out the Suzuki SJ did not start anymore because the battery cable came loose when I slithered and bounced downhill. I could not get the bonnet to open but now I know the lever is in the glove compartiment…. The Pajero had a weak battery and the cam belt was too loose, the owner fixed it himself.

    Unfortunately only one picture of my butchered piglet.
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    Yet again an excellent write up! Ruud I think you may be a jinx to 4x4's! Looks like a nice lump of eat hanging up there, and could do with that skin and head an cleaves for some dog training!

    Regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    Yet again an excellent write up! Ruud I think you may be a jinx to 4x4's! Looks like a nice lump of eat hanging up there, and could do with that skin and head an cleaves for some dog training!

    Regards, Jez
    Hi Jez,
    If you are really interested i might collect some wild boar skin, cleaves and blood and keep it in my freezer untill i myself go to the UK or one of my British friends come over. Have to sort out a pick up if the occassion arrises. Not sure how customs would react though??

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    Hi Ruud!
    A huge "Waidmannsheil!" for the well going boar hunts...!
    I really should find a date to join you one day, I am sure, the next season will work out somehow, especially when you get the heavy damage (usually in spring...)?
    Its lovely to be out in the snow, isnt it?
    Dont worry about the customs... Its right now no problem to take or bring meat/venison, etc. from or to the UK....

    i will answer your pm later today, have to get some work done, the cooling house is filled with dead animals...


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Evening Ruud, that would be most helpful thank you! Of course I would come and collect them from you when you are in the uk.. Are you over anytime soon?

    Kind regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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