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Thread: A yank in East Yorks

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    A yank in East Yorks

    Hi guys,

    New forum member here. My name is Rick and I'm in East Yorks. I'm pretty active on some other UK forums (pigeonwatch, UKV), but just now getting on here. Essentially all of my shooting here is rabbits/hares and pigeons/crows. Back home (eastern US) I hunted everything available including deer (both rifle and archery), turkey (shotgun and archery), and small game. Upland bird hunting is my favorite at the moment, mostly because I like watching the dog work. I have a bird finding lab (not a peg dog) and we're getting a WHV at the end of the year. I also reload for all of the cartridges I shoot, but the 223 is the biggest of them that I have here (also have a 221FB, 17 AH, and 22LR), mostly because I don't have deer around to shoot (and the wife won't eat deer anyway). I had my 30-06 on my ticket, but never brought it over from the US because I didn't have deer readily available. Eventually I'll get around to doing some stalking here, but probably not in the next season.


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    hi rick welcome to the forum. there are a fair few of us from east yorks on here. what part of yorkshire are you from?

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    I live just outside of Beverley and work in Hull.

    I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania originally.


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    Welcome to the forum, my brother in and wife used to live in Beverley. Ive drank many a pint in Nellies. Thats what you call a pub.

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    theres plenty of roe here in e,yorks mate,mind you we dont have any white tails

    regards john

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    Glad to see you have found us Rick. Welcome aboard.

    Nice to hear you are getting a WHV, after meeting mine most people are put off the idea

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    yeah, there are a few. The land where I do my shooting will have an occasional passerby. There is a nice 6 point (3x3) running around. I haven't seen many roe on the hoof, but I can say he's a pretty nice head. There are about a dozen does in the immediate area. Certainly not enough to worry about shooting any. I see a fair few on my way to work too. They are around, there just aren't many woodlots around here.

    mudman (Richard I presume?),

    Your WHV was a sweetheart. Don't know what you're talking about.

    Rachel wanted a solid colored dog. I wanted an HPR. That brought us to WHV, GSP, GWP, and weims. After seeing how cute the WHV puppies are, rachel was sold. I think weims are probably the coolest looking of the bunch and a fit, solid liver GSP is absolutely beautiful. But WHV's just have that cool look to them.



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    its gsp,s for me i have five now, down from eight. due to old age.
    talking of solids i have one about 90% solid liver.
    heres ronan

    he,s not very helpful with the posing.

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