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Thread: Somewhat sad day...................... 303 BSA sporter sold

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    Somewhat sad day...................... 303 BSA sporter sold

    Well this morning received a cheque in the post with the news that the BSA Sporting rifle that was retailed by Wm Powell & Son has been sold:-

    This one.. Seems it fetched a reasonable price too. I hope the new owner gets as much pleasure out of owning and using it as I did over the years. Even though I paid a lot for it at the time at 325 due to them being very scare. In fact it took me over a year to find one but this was before the Classic shooting movement took off and when that happened it drew these old rifles out of their hiding places. In fact at one Bisley show I saw one whose serial number was only 50 places off mine..

    I did not make a loss on it even after commission so that's a bonus.

    I fervently hope the new owner does not butcher it by fitting a scope but alas that is now out of my hands.

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    Lovely old rifle BH.

    I would like to own a few old interesting pieces myself, but the licensing is such a pain in the arse it is not worth the hassle.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Mate, It is sad that you were placed in a posision that you had to sell your BSA
    You do have draconion Gun laws in the uk and that is sad for art lovers Like
    your self as that rifle of yours truly was a piece of art.

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    Nice old rifle. May I ask why you had to sell the rile.

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    I feel your pain brother, selling something like that would kill me.

    atb AB

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    nice rifle and a good calibre, they have become quite collectable


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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckbones View Post
    Nice old rifle. May I ask why you had to sell the rile.
    Storage costs for one thing .

    Also need funds for workshop repair. The floor has broken and subsided in one corner so a car port is going to be re-built and converted to machines ( mills, lathes, grinders and a shaper) can be moved out into this whilst the floor in dug out and re-laid. Then and I am sort of renovating if that is the correct term in this case a sort of modern classic car. Due to the costs of servicing it gets let slide it seems. The car although only 12 years old is not due for a major service. Cam belt, water pump, oil change (engine) fluid changes for Transmission and steering pump/system. The engine has Three cam belts plus an Aux belt and the engine bay like most fairly modern cars is a night mare to get at anything plus you need the timing tools. Belt change intervals are 6 years or 90,000 miles sp at 12 years old she is she on time and she has 84,000 on the clock so it's getting close mileage wise as well.

    Been getting quotes for the work and some garages are quoting more then we paid for the car, the cost of this servicing keeps the prices depressed, I knew this when we bought her so the painful decision to sell a number of rifles from my small collection was made. This BSA is the first to sell.

    Due to the FLO being awkward we missed the auctions just before Christmas, as it seems I am the only person who requires permission to sell his own property, it took months to get permission to view my own collection. After discovering damage and soem scopes missing off rifles we now know why. My 7x57 BSA CF2 had been used by someone whilst in "Police Custody" then forced into a too small gun slip and left so after being put into it wet and with blood on the outside of the barrel. you can imagine the state we found it in when it was pulled out of the slip. Due to the restrictions upon myself there were TWO witnesses who saw the state of the rifle. of course had I been allowed to inspect and clean as per my usual maintenance schedule whilst is storage this would have been found earlier. The point that the Police had no rights to take and use my property in the first place is another matter entirely of course.

    It will take some time but now we can inspect them a few will be pulled out and carefully checked over and a report made of their condition and anything missing once we have gone through the lot advice will be sort with the view to proceed to claim for damages. Even though the RFD is giving a "bulk" rate the storage costs mount up which is galling when one considers a lot in storage does not need to be there as it requires no licence to own like spare stocks, some scopes that were not fitted to rifles, shotgun cleaning kits, books, umprimed brass, cast lead bullets and my stock of smokeless powders.

    The car a Rover 75 Connoisseur 2.5L will be going in for the service if not next week the week after. Just need to get some other bits for the job. Was supposed to have this done before Christmas but an ABS problem cropped up that proved difficult to pin down. The Rover uses a strange BMW contrived ABS system. We knew it was the N/S front that was the problem and the ABS fault came up after being forced off the road by a truck into the mud and rubbish. About 1/2 mile down the road the ABS light came up and a new wheel sensor only solved part of the issue. Finally getting the issue resolved took up most of the funds set aside for the major service with this influx of funds this can now be done. Of course this puts back other projects like the restoration of the workshop. We only have a very limited income so something must go to help out.

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