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Thread: Irish Elk, anybody shot one recently?

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    Irish Elk, anybody shot one recently?

    Treated myself to a full english this morning and while thumbing through a well known tabloid noticed a small article refering to the now extinct Irish Elk. All I could think was what a bloody shame looked like an amazing Deer!!

    I think you'd need more than a quad to get one out of the woods .

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    Wonder how many you could get in a roe sack?

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    Ask Poppins if she would do a special comission?

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    A relative of mine shot one with a bow around 10000 years ago he never kept the head what a shame!

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    Same here, only with a .22 arrow, in the dark from 1800m away, over the crest of an intervening hill.

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    He was braking the law then depending on whereabouts he was, in most places the spear was the only legal calibre. Apparently it was the dog boy who erradicated them in the end .

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    If the reds I used to shoot near Dublin were anything to go by the Elk must really have been woppers (pun intended)
    The reds were almost twice the size of the ones I see now in the Highlands. I think they may have had some elk/wapity in them!
    The lush green lowland ground provides year round easy feeding & it shows in size of beasts. - Both red & sika.


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    I used to clean two Giant Irish Elk with Jack Creswden the taxidermist in G K Whiteheads museum near Chorley Lancashire as we did with all the other mounts on a regular basis one of the heads was sold for over 250,000.00 when he died don’t know who sold it ( it was not me !!)Durham University got all his stuff don’t know if they still have it or who sold the frontal But yes they are impressive I have a photo of myself stood in front of the full skeleton will post it on the directory later for you to get a angel on the size of the things I am over six foot tall and it towered over me

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    There is a full skeleton in the Royal Alberta museum and its beyond impressive one seriously huge beast

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    I looked it up a whole ago on Wikipedia a truly amazing beast you would have a hell of a taxidermy bill though

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