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Thread: Apathy rules

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    Apathy rules

    I just had a chat with Steven McGregor regarding the consultaion paper from the DCS.
    He is prepared to accept all e-mail responses even if they are not on the respondent form.

    What was very dissapointing was that he indicated that the responses upto press were in single figures, including mine!


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    That realy is surprising- come on guys there is no excuse- help is on the BASC web site if you need it - I would have hoped that at least half the members of this forum would respond.

    I know it is early days - but please do not leave it until the last minute!


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    Griff, what is S McG's email address? pm if you don't want to post

    Sorry if it's somewhere obvious and I'm too rubbish to find it!


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    I sent a formal complaint to the local MSP for the area my major lease is situated on, about 3 weeks ago.

    Guess what NO RESPONSE!!! Useless idiot

    Ok Griff post the address we need to get this thing going and I will send another complaint.


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    Griff there will be i am sure a lot of chaps that have contacted other people eg MSP,S DCS and the ministers involved so there complaints and ideas will be scattered around but are still very real.
    If this chap is the first port of call for what ever reason then i for one have wrote to him now .

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    Griif, please also let me have Steve's email address and I'll send my comments to him. Thanks.

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    I've e-mailed two in the areas I have stalked, although one was on Holidays. Any where else I can mail ?

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    Contact: Steven MacGregor
    Address: Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill Team 1A North Victoria
    Quay, EH6 6QQ
    Telephone: 0131 244 5450

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    Look at the bigger picture over the last few years. The Government see how the smoking ban has worked in Ireland & want to try it themselves, all of a sudden,it is implemented in Scotland, soon after,it's in England too.

    The Government looks aboad at how our European cousins have regulated hunters beyond reason, all of a sudden it's in Scotland, & within a couple of years,it's in England too.
    I bet the DI are behind this.

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    A reply from the Steven Mc Gregor

    With regard to the fatalities referred to in the consultation, this was indeed incorrect and based on information supplied by the Deer Commission for Scotland – DCS has commented as below:

    “DCS apologises if the text in the consultation was in anyway misleading. This was not our intention. However, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that three people were killed by rifles. In addition to these officially reported cases it is important to consider the impact of reports in the media of sporting accidents that have resulted in injury or near misses. Allaying the public’s perceptions of the use of rifles, particularly in areas closer to our towns, is required if we are to meet the challenge of managing deer, particularly with regard to the roe population in central belt Scotland.

    Whilst no one would dispute the vital importance of maintaining public safety it is only one part of the evidence base developed through the consultation. The proposals also look to better secure animal welfare and food safety. The three elements taken together make up what it means to be competent to deliver a confident modern deer stalking sector.

    The demonstration of competence to kill deer can only help but assure the public that stalking can be carried out safely and humanely.”

    However we would welcome your response to the consultation which should be sent to the e mail address below. Can I also ask you to ensure you complete the respondee information form.

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