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Thread: Bouncing Bullets

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    Bouncing Bullets

    Has anyone ever done a study on how far bullets travel when they ricochet.
    Rimfires are the most common but I have had 130grn soft nose out of my 270 do it but the noise never lasts long

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    need a few more variables but not that tricky to work out to the armchair physicists among us

    for starters I am thinking:

    velocity, weight, material, angle of shot in relation to surface, distance from surface, hardness of surface, topography of land post impact, air temperature, humidity, assumption on BC after impact....etc etc

    there are formula for exit speed after ricochet but they tend to use concrete planar surfaces and steel ball bearings

    less than a air shot, more than a backstop!

    there is a guy on youtube pinging centrefire rounds off water into a far away target IIRC

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    Yes. It used to be in the older British Army Range Construction and Use Regulations. Details of how far a 303 bullet would, and could, richochet off various things such as water or the sloped sides of hills. Which is why, apparently, a sloping hill required a longer "danger area" behind it than flat land.

    Odd that you'd think that the sloping hill would have been a natural backstop.

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    The range template for live firing in the Army required a set safe area in front of the shooter, this distance was to allow for ricochet hazards if targets were missed, I believe it was 3.7Km, but serving members may be able to confirm the range danger area.
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    Thats why we use ballistic tips!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    Thats why we use ballistic tips!!!

    What does that do to stop ricochets?~Muir

    PS: How freaking desperate must you be to shoot at a running deer in a river? And how poor a shot was that person. Whew! Worse than me!

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    Many years ago myself and a shooting buddy skipped 22 subs off flint, concrete and iron (manhole cover) into a large lake to see how far they'd go and we reckoned it was about 350 yards. We shot at the items from around 25 yards away standing, simulating the angle for rabbits. Having been on the receiving end of centre fire ricochets, I was 300 yards away from the start of it and it was going fast enough to make me hit the deck. It carried on past me and I don't know how far it could have got since I think it hit a tree 400 yards further away.

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