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Thread: zeiss 4x32 diatal C

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    zeiss 4x32 diatal C

    I've been given one of these in almost perfect condition, thinking of sticking it on the 30-06 for hill, woodland, driven. anyone else use(d) one and can comment on what they're like in terms of field of view, etc.?

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    I've been looking at an equivalent used Swarovski (Habicht Nova) to put on top of my future CZ 452 FS for use primarily on the running boar targets at the BSRC, so I'd be grateful for people's views too.

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    If you can get along with only 4x magnification then field of view will not be an issue. I own a rail mounted one with elevation adjustment only. Although i have never used it as it was acquired for a project, possibly the Mannlicher Schoenaeur rebuild or the BSA P-14 sporter rebuild. However it went missing the night of the Police raid along with the Pecar 3-7x35. I did use one of the Pecars and have also stalked with a Khales 4L2 scoep and field of view is not an issue for me.


    Oh BTW I had a Habitch Nova and it was very limited in the elevation adjustment so i sold it. Mine was boxed witht ehit's leather caps and I got a good price for it from Peter Frost at Empire Gunsight Co

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    thanks BH, I trust your opinion so will stick it on and bring it up for the hind/calf cull here in Feb on the hill :-)

    you don't happen to have a set up low hilver mounts 1" for the CZ ZKK you're not using? I have the medium one's but the scope will be bloody floating in mid air in those..

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    No sorry only highs and in 26mm.

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    cool, thanks. opticswarehouse out of stock too..suss..

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