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Thread: Firearm transportation costs ?

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    Firearm transportation costs ?

    Hi lads

    Does anyone know what the costs are to ship a rifle from Canada to a RFD in England? Just wondered if anyone had done it before from here

    Many thanks Jim
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    I'm interested in the replys(ies), as well, as I will be needing to ship my 30.06 from USA to Scotland.

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    You are sure to get hit for import taxes on it doing it that way.
    Why not take it with you as an extra checked baggage unit? I paid 97 bucks from El Paso via O hare to Germany in November 2012.

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    I wish that was an option but I leave Friday so no time for the paperwork I'm afraid , I'm leaving the rifles with a friend to send to me but am just curious as to how much it will cost me

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    I took a 30-06 from Atlanta to Munich in 2006 and had not got paperwork ready as it was a spontaneous gift from my old pal in South Carolina who gave up hunting, I just had to leave it with the customs unit and collected it later.
    I also brought a gun into Heathrow from the USA around 1985 and it was not then on my UK FAC and the same thing was done they just held it until the paperwork caught up then back to heathrow to collect it.
    Taking them out of north america was a no brainer as they were not interested other than unloaded and in checked baggage.
    Phene the customs unit at the UK airport you will land at and ask them if they will let you do this.
    Best of luck

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    Hi Jim,

    You might want to speak to Lawrence Homer of PARFREIGHT. They recently handled some exports of dart rifles to Lithuania and Gibraltar. A fantastic company who handled everything for us.

    Let me know if you need some contact details.

    Best regards,

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer

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    Thank you very much for the suggestion mike I will be in touch

    Kind regards jim

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    I am sure I can get more detailed information, should I need it, but in regards to carrying my 30.06 and BP pistol with me, once I get the premission to do so, can I leave it with an RFD until I get the proper paperwork completed, for more permanent or is that a 'no-no'?

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    Yes you should be able to leave them with an rfd

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