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Thread: Tikka T3 6.5x55 laminate stainless with S&B 8x56 bipod sling ect.

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    Tikka T3 6.5x55 laminate stainless with S&B 8x56 bipod sling ect.

    I am regretting the sale of this but needs must and all that. I bought this 6 months ago to do some deer shooting, and to be honest I have shot 1 beast with it and a fox. Bills need to be paid, I want to go self employed and I don't really use it. Shame, its a lovely rifle.
    Tikka T3 lite in Stainless and Synthetic with a Laminate stock, a Schmidt and Bender 8x56 scope sat in 25mm Stainless Optilock rings and Bases, Third Eye Tactical Spartan Moderator and 3 shot magazine. It wears a Harris 13-25" tilt bipod and I had a lovely Leather sling made by Sadler off here (which I may keep, but will still have a decent sling put on). I will throw in 40/45 rounds of factory ammo, a 9 bullet stock ammo holder, 100 round plastic ammo case and a brand new box of 123g Hornady Amax as I was planning to reload. I also have a set of brand new Redding Deluxe Dies if wanted, that I paid 60 for. If you want these then it is to be agreed.
    I will let you have the rifle, Scope, bipod, Moderator, a sling, ammo, and gun case for 1100 I think this is very fair.
    Rifle was bought 2nd hand by me off a bloke I sold my Beretta Silver Pigeon to. It is very accurate and in fantastic condition. I will even take you down to my private rifle range (aslong as you are local) and shoot it to prove how nice the rifle is, let alone how accurate.
    RFD 25 but if you ask me nicely I will do this included in the sale price.
    Thanks, James.
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    I'll take the die set and ammo case if you want to split from the rest, I'll speak to you tomorrow.

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    I have got 108 cleaned and re primed cases ready for charging, Norma brass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12borejimbo View Post
    I have got 108 cleaned and re primed cases ready for charging, Norma brass.
    I'll probably take those off you aswell

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    I'll probably take those off you aswell
    Ok mate we will sort something out when I come to yours! See you tomorrow!

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