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Thread: Swarvo z6i or S+B Zenith flash dot

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    Swarvo z6i or S+B Zenith flash dot

    Looking to buy new scope and have narrowed it down to Swarvo Z6i 2-12x50 4Ai or S+B 3 - 12 x 50 Zenith flash dot reticle.

    Really struggling to decide have looked through both and seem to like equally. Am quite liking the idea of S+B as is around an inch shorter and my rifle is fairly short.

    Has anyone used both these scopes and have a preference?
    Any opinions much apreciated and understand both are great makes so should not be dissapointed with either.



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    i have used s+b for years and although they are very good scopes to say the least if my wallet would allow it i would go over to swarovski any day as i think there optical quality is just that much better in daylight

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    Thanks Sir Lamp but have just ordered the S+B as slightly cheaper and the 200 difference will come in very handy! As i have always used Leupold before i am hoping to really notice a difference.

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    I don't think you will be disappointed.
    S&B glass is really tuned for dusk, losing out a tiny bit in day light.
    I had two leupolds which I liked as day scopes, but had problems in the eves.
    My view would be that S&B is just a much sturdier scope than Swaro.
    The FD7 is a lovely reticule.


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    i think you will see a big differnce in your new scope mate there is nothing wrong with a s+b at all mate as i said i have used one for years and like you i can find other uses for the extra couple of hundred quid (normally play suck up to the missis after a big shell out of cash) good luck mate you wont be disapointed

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    Cheers wil let you know how i get on. Will be all range stuff for next couple of months as the season here doesnt start until September 14th but busy finishing high seats and setting up a couple of feeders for the boar but seem to be attracting more Roe than anything else still shouldnt complain too much.

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