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Thread: Any Parker Hale Buffs?

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    Any Parker Hale Buffs?

    Hi All,

    I'm afraid this is only my second post and it's a request for help.

    I've just got my first rifle, a Parker Hale 22.250 and I'm trying to find out about it. It must be about my age but has clearly had an easier life as it's in far better shape than I am. From what I've found on the web it looks like a 1200 but it has a solid recoil pad and it doesn't have the fastener, screw/bolt head that most of the ones I've seen have on their woodwork below the action/chamber.

    I believe that if you remove the stock there are markings on the barrel which will give its age but I don't really want to do this, is there a list of serial numbers anywhere which will help identify it? The serial number is P-30604

    Also, although with the bolt forward it locks up nice and tight but when the bolt is brought to the rear there seems to be a fair bit of movement, ie while holding it the rear seems to be fairly free to move up and down, side to side. Is this normal? The last time a fired a bolt action rifle it was as a 15 year old cadet firing a Lee Enfield .303 and that was many years ago.

    Many thanks,


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    Mauser 98s are always a bit slack when open. It is in the design, not a problem. Brithunter will be along with lots of information I should think.


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    Yep, bolt slop is perfectly normal in the M98. That's a late model 1200 with the late 70s squared off forend. I don't think the smaller calibres required the stock crossbolt.

    I love PH rifles and have found them to be capable of excellent sub-MOA accuracy with homeloads.

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    recoil pin is a function of stock design not calibre IMO
    I have a 243 PH with one and a 270 PH without

    very nice, looks in good nick

    some schematics here:
    Exploded Diagram Page

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    Thanks for the prompt replies guys, it's great to be able to call on other peoples knowledge, and very kind of you to respond. If it is late 70's that gives me an excuse as it makes me slightly older.

    If anybody out there is from the North Dorset/ Wiltshire area and knows of a range I could use to zero it that would be much appreciated, as it stands the only place I know of is Ivythorn down towards Street, which is great but a bit of a hike.

    Thanks again,


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    Try Corinium rifle range.

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    The rifle is a Model 1200V and did not have the recoil bolt as the stock was glass bedded at the factory with a free floated barrel. This model was aimed squarely at the US market hence the V=Varmint.

    Sorry to have to tell you that the serial number has no relation to age. You would need to examine and let us know the Birmingham Private view mark two letter code in the proof marks to date it. So far I have found no reliable proof that the serial number refixes and numbers determine age.

    As others have said the bolt is quite normal for a Mauser 98 derived rifle.

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    I own 3 at the moment and I'm always looking for more. They're still very popular out here and have an excellent reputation for reliability in extreme weather conditions. As others have pointed out, its a mauser 98 variant, its designed to have bolt play as this looseness allows it to function even when mud and other crud gets into the action.

    The 1000/1200 series are the most commonly encountered models out here, usually in 30-06 or 270 win. Inspite of what you might read these days, either of these calibers in a decent rifle and with a good scope will cover 99% of hunting out here( the 1% being large toothy things charging you lol) and I'm sure they'd do fine over there as well.

    All of the Parker-Hales I've owned shot reasonably well ( 1.5 moa) and a good number would shoot into 1 inch at 100 yrds. You have a classic rig that should do anything you need to do, very nice ! I had a 30-06 with the same stock design as yours that was a favourite. It was one of those rifles that did'nt care what you fed it, it would never shoot under an inch but it always kept any load under an inch and a half. It didn't matter if it was 40 above or 40 below, it was one of the most consistent rifles I've owned. I gave it to a friend who works for the natural resources dept in northern Alberta ( he needed it more than me ) Its been exposed to very harsh conditions on a daily basis for over 10 yrs now and has'nt missed a beat. There are rifles that cost a lot more that can't take that kind of use, so all in all, they're hard to beat for the money.


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    Thanks again for all the info guys, it's good of you to take the time to help.Jim

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    nice looking 98 feller selling it ?

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