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Thread: Old But New To Me!

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    Old But New To Me!

    Just picked up an old but new to me rifle.
    It was made by Oscar Greygar of Birlin 100 years ago and was originally a rook rifle. It was resleeved some years ago by the late Derek Firn in .22K Hornet. I did not need it as I already had a Stevens K Hornet, but saw this and just had to have it.

    Im very fortunate my wife did not mine me buying a new toy. Mmmm apparently we have a new sofa coming tomorrow.
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    That looks pretty, so do you have 2K hornets now ?


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    No the Stevens drop block I had is at the dealers now. Sad to see it go but this is stunning.

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    That's a nice looking rifle. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment shooting that.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thats a really nice rifle !!! I've always had a thing for rook rifles, but we just don't see them out here, unfortunately.


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    Beautiful .............................. love the wood in the buttstock.

    Strange how old wood such as this does not warp or split .................................................. .

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    What a pretty new toy.....

    As if you didn't have enough.!

    Still... 'He who has the most toys wins!!!'


    damnant quodnon intelligunt

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    Very nice looker !

    I'd love to have it for about a month in the spring to ring out at the range !

    Here's a little German single shot a friend of mine's father in law brought back after WWII !

    A Wilhelm Collath in 6.5x52R nothing more then a 25-35 WIN !

    The scope on this one was on it when the fellow brought it back after the war !

    I have a couple boxes of factory 25-35 ammo that was purchased in the 60's and I tried it in this little rifle , it generally will keep three of those inside 1 1/2" even using the old Pre WWII scope .

    Have thoughts of popping a poor unsuspecting whitetail with it but just haven't gotten around to it yet !

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