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Thread: First CWD

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    First CWD

    Sunday saw me having my second attempt at a Chinese Water Deer.

    Following the previous nights rain, and last weeks snow, the ground was now well
    and truly waterlogged. Which made the soil in the fields very sticky. I recon I must
    have been carrying anything up to 5kgs of soil on each foot at a time, it was even
    building up on the bottom of my sticks.
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    The first area I went round I saw three Chinese Water Deer, all out in the open, all
    lying down. I stalked into one, tried to make it stand up by whistling, lets say they
    arenít as stupid as roe and early season fallow. They donít stand; they just run (over
    the boundary). I got to within 130m of a second one, had the cross hairs lined up but
    it too was lying down. I did contemplate a neck shot but it was very windy, and I was
    on sticks so didnít go for it in the end.
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    I waited about half an hour for the little bugger to get up, but something spooked him
    and he was up like a shot. This third may have actually been the second, Iím not sure,
    but it was laid up right in the middle of the field and so I decided not to bother.

    I headed back to the car to let the dog out for a pee and a bite to eat (for me), and
    then it was off to another area. I parked up and made my way to some fields. Things
    werenít looking to great; minimal slots and those that I could see werenít fresh ones,
    anyway I carried on and then heard something bounding away in the adjacent field
    (different land owner). Still, things were looking more promising.

    No more than 100m further on I glassed a hedge line in front to see one mooching and
    browsing. At this point it was about 220m away and the only option was sticks due to
    the long grasses in the field margin. I decided I needed to get closer in. Every time
    the head went down, I went closer. Helped by a strong wind at 90 degrees to carry
    scent and noise away I managed to get into about 60m of it. Up went the sticks and
    bang, she dropped on the spot from the chest shot.
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    My first CWD, a doe, larder weight was 20lbs. Needless to say she wasnít a struggle
    to carry back to the car.

    I finished the day off sat in a highseat, although I sacked it off before dusk as the wind
    was making it too bloody chilly.
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    As I donít have a larder fridge to hang deer in I butchered her up to put in the bottom
    of my fridge for a few days before processing properly. There was a good bit of fat
    on her, she was in lovely condition.
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    All in all a nice day out.


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    soft shandy drinking southerner, bit blustery in high seat for ya!!!! lol

    weldone on cwd pal.

    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Well done Jim, nice you took your keys out of the car this time .

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    cheers for reminding me Andy. Yes the keys came with me this time.

    Stav...I'd rather be drinkng shandy than freezing my knackers off!

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    Well done Jim, glad my place is not as wet as that .

    Ignore those pair of nasty wee wee takers,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well done Jim on your first Chinese take away I told you there were a few about, but I will admit it is terrible soil up that way, its like glue!!

    Hopefully you will get a buck next time


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    I never listen to piss taking northerners John...they usually have a good basis for their comments (when directed at me at least)!


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    Nice one Jim

    Another one off the list.



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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    Nice one JimAnother one off the list.ATBJon
    Aye, just sika to go now.Hope your well Jon?Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daft Dog View Post
    Aye, just sika to go now.Hope your well Jon?Jim
    I'm sure malc will be able to help with that one..

    yep not to bad up here, when you up again?


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