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Thread: In for my operation on Saturday...............

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    In for my operation on Saturday...............

    I went to the BRI in Bristol today for my pre-op assessment,you know bloods/ECG/Chest X-Ray,and a chat with a 'Nursing Specialist' to tell me exactly what I need to know,and,to show me the actual thing that they will seal up the hole in my heart.It was amazing to be honest,and,it just never ceases to amaze me with the leaps and bounds there has been in the medical arena.On saturday night(I think)I watched a programme on BBC2 all about heart surgery from before the world wars upto date,and,the sealing of the 'PFO' (hole in the heart)that they will do to me would of had an 80% fatality rate only 40yrs ago,primarily because they had to actually stop the heart for up to and maybe over 6 mins,and,work on an open heart,as opposded to how they do it today by going through a vein in the groin with a catheter,and,usually going home the same day.I am not quite so lucky,because my hole is abnormally huge I have to stay in,but,I am hoping to be out the day after(Sunday)with any luck.The bad news though, driving again for a few days,and,no lifting,and,adding insult to injury NO FECKING SHOOTING,well no centrefire anyway.
    So,please wish me luck,because if I get any infection,which sometimes happens as you are putting a foreign body into the heart then that will mean 6 weeks in hospital on 'Intensive Antibiotics,I know my fingers are well and truly crossed..........................Cheers..........M artin.

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    Martin, just to wish you all the best for your forthcoming op. I'm sure all on the SD wish you a full and speedy recovery. If you're quick, you might catch the back-end of the roe rut!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    Sincerely hope all goes well . heed the wise words of those who are sorting you out . Don't get out to soon and start buggering about . Take some time out , and come back renewed . Regards

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    Hope it all goes well for you remington a friend of mine at work had the same procedure done six months ago and was up and about in two days.
    He said it was the best he had felt in years.


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    Good luck, fingers crossed for you.

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    All the very best fella

    I also have a friend who had the same surgery for the same condition.

    He had three months off of work all told but was a small price for him and the family as he looks forward to a healthy future.



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    All the very best wishes for Saturday and a speedy recovery thereafter. Hopefully they'll let you log on to the Stalking Directory website so you can post us the write up and the pictures


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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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    Martin all the best for a speedy & full recovery fingers crossed

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