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Thread: Big Knob For Steyr Pro-Hunter

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    Big Knob For Steyr Pro-Hunter

    Anyone know where I can get a rubber bolt handle like this

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    Got the ten clip would like a big bolt too ! For my 308 pro hunter

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    I'm sorry, do you mean you the bolt knob? If so it's a Badger Ordnance aftermarket anodised metal jobbie, no rubber in it at all! I put one on my Remmy 700.... Not difficult just have to Dremel and thread your bolt knob.

    if that's not what you mean I'll shut the f@&k up !!



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    You can do it yourself as I did in the tutorial I did and buy the Knob here


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    Looks like a standard SSG PII bolt handle on a pro hunter bolt. Easiest way would be to contact Steyr and see if you can get a PII bolt handle sent out and just swap it with your current one.

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    I suppose this goes to show that if you wait long enough the ideas come a round again.

    The rifle that set me looking for a Mannlicher Model 1892 was a cased one I spied laying on a dealer table at a Bisley Pistol meeting. The rifle was in fine condition and had a large Ebony or Horn "Ball/Knob" on the end of the bolt handle. As this was a new model to me and not knowing anything about them i went off and did some digging and research which took a few weeks by which time someone else had snagged the rifle .

    It then took a few years before I found another in the same sort of condition however I have never seen another with that type of bolt handle ball........................................... that is until the tacticool fad hit. Now lets see the Mannlicher was made about 1895 so it's only taken them about a hundred years to catch on. One wonders how people managed during those hundred years so well .

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    thanks just ordered one from Bills Knobs - $5 shipping...


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    Looks good , I must admit I've always thought a bigger knob feels nice in the hand

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    If this is a swop it should be in the classified section!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffreyl View Post
    if this is a swop it should be in the classified section!!

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