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Thread: lapua scenars: 6mm; 6.5mm; and .30cal

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    lapua scenars: 6mm; 6.5mm; and .30cal

    having cut back on target shooting and calibers, i have the following bullet heads for sale:

    300 (3 x 100count boxes) of 6mm 105grain lapua scenars. (all the same batch) 95 including postage and packaging

    300 (3 x 100 count boxes) of 6.5mm 139grain lapua scenars. (all the same batch) 85 including postage and packaging

    approx 90 .30cal 155grain scenars. i must have tried 10 or so at one point and never used the rest. 20 posted



    email me on for a quicker response, or pm if interested.

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    .30cal provisionally sold

    6mm's reduced to 80 posted
    6.5mm's reduced to 75 posted

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    I'll take the 6.5 bullets

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    Hi Derek

    I'll take the .30 cals please pm me your preferred payment



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    On there way to me leebut.

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