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Thread: Blaser r8 reviews please

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    Blaser r8 reviews please

    I have asked this question a few times, thinking of purchasing a r8 are there any pros and cons to this rifle.
    Any help would be appreciated
    Atb mark

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    I have been looking at one for a while and have been to handle both the R93 and R8 recently. Very quickly came to the conclusion that they were just not worth it.

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    R8 Pro's:- Easy to handle & shoot with, fantastic accuracy (sub1/2" groups possible), a new calibre can be added by buying a new barrel & bolt head. very quick to reload, comfortable trigger pressure, choice of specifications & calibres.Safety cocking system.

    Con's:- Expensive outlay although broadly comparable to other quality makes

    I prefer the r8 to the r93 that it replaced, I find the detachable mag/trigger unit easier to use and I prefer the new stock shape.

    If I was buying another new rifle it would be an r8.

    atb Tim

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    Had my R8 for a few months now and i am more than pleased with it,so damn accurate and i can't fault it,had sako and sauer previously and would not go back now,expensive maybe but worth it IMO.

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    Hi, you can analyse things too much. For what it's worth; I have 3 r93's they all shoot great, will outlive me and have successfully dished up a nice dinner. I believe you buy a blaser for life not just for Christmas, so go and buy one and enjoy. Personally I can't reconsile the higher cost of an r8 especially due to the incompatibility of R8 and R93 barrels, I believe Blaser screwed up on that issue (too greedy).

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