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Thread: Remington VSSFII .220 swift

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    Remington VSSFII .220 swift

    This is a superb rifle in excellent as new condition. I still have the box and paperwork. This is the version with the HS precision stock with aluminium pillar bedding. It has been threaded 18x1 and an invisible thread protector fitted. Rifle has also had a match crown. Work done by Neil Mckillop. Trigger is excellent. In stainless finish with powder coated flutes on the barrel. Leupold bases and 30mm rings also included.

    An excellent article on this rifle in the same calibre here:

    Only (tiny tiny) marks are very small scratches on the thread protector. This rifle shoots <1/2" groups at 100yds with handloads and is laser flat (as anyone shooting .220 will tell you).

    Its seen about 100 rounds maximum since I've owned it (purchased new in October) , most on load development for no other reason other than I just don't get out foxing very often. 3 shots on fox - and three dead foxes

    This round certainly does the business! I can also include a bag of brass (100 or so) and a decent recipe. This is a seriously accurate long range foxing or bunny exploder. The only reason I am considering selling is to go for a lightweight small centrefire instead for stalking/foxing, and this is just too heavy for me if walking long distances. Can RFD at your cost.

    Mod in pic, I will be keeping so no longer for sale.

    Scope in pictures is now sold, and not included.

    Will throw in 70 or so homeloads.
    Also have a range of heads, brass, powder, OAL gauge etc available to buyer by separate negotiation.

    Serious enquiries only please, no time-wasters or picture collectors.

    Rifle is about £1200 new, rings and bases another £100, rounds about £40 worth at least, so about £1340 worth of kit in out of the box condition for £750!!

    Pictures, which emphasise the spotless condition:

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    Any interest? If not sold by next week, it'll probably go to my RFD on commission...

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    Left a message with my FEO still awaiting a reply Josh... Will chase him up Monday.

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    shame its not in .22-250 as id be interested just what im looking for but wrong calibre, Good luck with the sale.

    Atb Matt

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    Well, if you fancy a real man's .22cf instead of that nonsense - let me know

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    This was purchased new, is a few months old and has original box and manual etc.

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    Back up for sale - couldn't economically RFD it to N Ireland so up for grabs again.

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    What a shame you need to sell her i own a Rem swift too and it is a gem. You are spot on when you mentioned " a real man's .22cf" as it is the King Dick

    You will regret it when she`s gone I`m sure.
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    I fully intend getting another - just not in a heavy barrelled variant. I want a nice light rifle for walked-up foxing and this is a long distance beast really. I've got my .222 also which is lovely, but must admit prefer the wallop of the .220

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