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Thread: Tikka T3 stocks

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    Tikka T3 stocks

    For Sale Tikka T3 Stocks:-

    McMillan 'Sako Thumbhole'

    550 inc postage

    McMillan 'A5 adj'

    660 inc postage

    Laminate Thumbholes (needs lacquering)

    300 inc postage (each)

    Express Rifles

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....want one want one want one
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Your welcome - the McMillan Sako thumbhole is my favorite, I've had a few through now and that one is a bit special in my opinion.

    I can do bespoke orders from McMillan but its 18 week plus delivery and P.O.A

    Hopefully my website shouldn't be too much longer and I will put up my inventory.


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    As a mater of interest,how much work would be involved in fitting such a stock to my t3,do they bolt straight into the action?

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    Do they fit varmint barrel

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    The McMillan's are what they call a 'Custom Drop In' - i've not been doing fitting myself but expect they will 'Drop - straight - In'

    The Laminate's need bedding - and as stated they need finishing (needs lacquering)

    swarovski ~ the sako thumbhole shape McMillan is for varmint barrel channel - So is the A5 - I also have a Sako Varmint in Green / Black marble in varmint barrel channel - The laminates are std I believe (will have to confirm that one)

    Drop me a line if your interested - I'm at the shooting show if you want to collect.


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    Thanks nitro,will count up my coppers and give it some serious thought

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    I will have to pass nitro,not enough funds,atb swaro

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelert View Post
    As a mater of interest,how much work would be involved in fitting such a stock to my t3,do they bolt straight into the action?
    I picked a McMillan stock up of Nitro at the shooting show for my T3 Hunter
    all I did was unscrew the wooden stock and the McMillan fitted straight on , no problems
    completely free floating as well... Would advise a little bedding compound thou not really been necessary in my case
    yep really pleased
    many thanks to Nitro as well

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    Hi, which of the sako thumbholes do you currently have in stock? I have a Tikka T3 varmint and I assume from the comments above it will be an easy fit?


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