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Thread: Attitudes and misconceptions

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    Attitudes and misconceptions

    I found this snippet from 2004 on the BBC's web site here and thought it worth posting as a reminder of the degree of ignorance that exists amongst those who cannot grasp the basic arguments that make deer management a necessity. I'm sure other similar gems of ignorance are out there, lurking on the web, so if you come across anything please add it to this thread.

    National deer cull 'disastrous'

    Working for Wildlife's secretary Douglas Batchelor told BBC 1's Countryfile: "What actually happens is in the wild most populations balance according to available resources of feed and everything else.

    "When people start interfering and trying to decide which ones live and which ones die, you interfere with the process of natural selection.

    There certainly needs to be control of certain species in some situations -equally there are other places where, in fact, the deer self regulate

    "It can often be pretty disastrous and we believe these things are much better left to nature and that the policy of intervention is one that's failed again and again and again."

    John Fawcett, a Mammal Society deer specialist who has studied roe deer populations in the New Forest, said some areas need culling and others do not.

    He said the deer numbers in the New Forest halved for the 20 years until 1992, despite no culling, because the roe deer have less children.

    Children???!!! (and its fewer, not less )

    As for Mr Batchelor's assertions that deer self regulate - utter tripe! This man never fails to amaze me with the conviction of his ignorance.

    (edited to include the title of the article)

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    However infuriating, unfortunately this is a view that is all too common.
    It is not helped by select statements which do not follow though to the conclusion:

    "What actually happens is in the wild most populations balance according to available resources of feed and everything else."

    Are you actually refering to deer in this statement Mr Batchelor? Any evidence? Typical of the BBC's (and others) style of reporting when it comes to issues like this.

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    Apologies Quercus, my mistake in that one small respect. Original post edited to include the title of the article. What Mr B fails to realise is that in nature "everything else" includes predators which are pretty thin on the ground nowadays. That leaves disease and injury to keep numbers in check which people of his ilk, seemingly, find preferable to the humane option of a stalker's bullet.

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    Iwrch - think you may have taken the comment the wrong way - I was refering to the BBC being selective with their comments, not yourself. Apologies if taken the other way - it was a good find and your post says it all.

    The comments from the readers below the article are just as infuriating too, as it proves people believe the tripe. They are the sort who believe the countryside hasn't changed for thousands of years!

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    No offence taken Quercus but thank you anyway. I just felt it was fair to place MrB's comments in perfect context - as you point out, a position he patently fails to respect with regard to his own pronouncements.

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    Douglas Batchelor was and may still be the director of the league against cruel sports.
    So what do you expect?

    And anyone who describes Roe kids as children has no credibility.

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    We all know that this is a load of old Tosh, at the moment & for the 20 years leading to 1992, the New Forest Fallow Deer population has gone through the roof & this is the reason that the Roe have been pushed out & have not done that whell, not just the fact that they have less "Children"

    The FC are now culling over 1000 fallow a year in that area alone & only a handful of roe due to the fact that they will only shoot them if the bucks are causing direct damage to new plantations in the spring, most of their cull is Fallow Deer.

    Due to the amount of public access they have to take 90% of the total cull between Oct/March also, the private Estates such as Beaulieu, Longdown, Hamptworth & Newhouse (to name but a few), also take probably a further 2000 deer from the area as a whole each year when combined.

    Should these deer not be culled & be put back into the breeding cycle then there would be real problems with numbers to say the least inside of a 2 year period, let alone the increased RTA'S & crop damage.

    What is culled in that area is substainable & at this time the numbers are still growing.

    I speak from experiance as I manage 2 large private blocks within the New Forest National Park.

    Regs Lee

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