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    New Member from Shropshire

    Hi Everyone,
    I've been a reader of the SD Forums for some time, and thought it was about time to get involved. I now live in the Shropshire/Powys borders, but I do travel a lot for my sport. I have used a shotgun since I was a child, as I've been farming most of my life. I started Deer Stalking back in 1996, and my first rifle was a BRNO .270 This served me well for thirty years, when I changed it for a 7x57. I had my own stalking in Dorset back in the 70's, just a few Roe. I went Hind Stalking most winters in Scotland with a few friends, and then branched out into Fallow, Muntjac and CWD. I got the bug for Africa in the 90,s and have been there pretty regularly since, and have hunted in the USA and Europe as well. It has kept me poor most of my life ! I've had a 375 H&H for about 10 years, mainly for Africa, but I do use it occasionally over here, just to keep my hand in.
    Things are slowing down now, and I read about it more than I practise it, but I still get out a bit.

    Yours, Marcher.

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    welcome along. me and my twin are hoping to get to Africa shooting for our 40th birthday. regards kane

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    Thanks Kane. You will enjoy Africa. I've just noticed I made a misprint in my Post. I started stalking in 1966 not 1996 !
    For your first trip to Africa, you will get a lot more shooting on a Culling trip for your money. Best of luck, John.

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    cheers, to be honest me and my twin would rather go on a culling trip. not to bothered with big trophies. just want to go for the sights and shooting

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Marcher. Not too for away from you in Mid Wales. Gaz

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