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Thread: Bino preference - Leica vs Zeiss

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    Bino preference - Leica vs Zeiss

    Hi guys, can I get an opinion off anyone who has used both the Zeiss Rangefinding binos and Leica Geovids. I've had a look at both in a shop setting but would be interested to hear peoples personal opinions as they relate to both hill and woodland stalking...light gathering quality, weight etc. I'm looking at the 10x42 Leica and 8x45 Zeiss models...

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    I've used both and both are excellent. I brought the Zeiss twelve months go as they had an offer I couldn't resist. Both feel good in the hand, the Zeiss do look bigger. With my eyes I can't tell much difference optically. I think it will be down to your preference and your budget. I owned Swarovski before and all three are fantastic I have a cheap pair -100 and I can tell the difference between the low end and my Zeiss from build quality to adjustment of each eye.

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    Thanks Steyer 6.5. It's a difficult choice but I want to get it right if I'm going to spend the money! There's not much between the 2 of them (although the new Leica RF's are around 2600/2700) which is a little more!

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    To be honest they are both great but if it are me id go for the 8x mag as 10 x is sometimes a wee bit too much

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    I had the loan of a pair of Leica Geovids and a pair of Zeiss Victory RFs to try before buying, both in x10 magnification. Both were superb but I found the Zeiss to have a very blue tone to the image - apparently this is to do with the coatings they use to improve low light use. To be honest, my middle-aged eyes gave out before both pairs of binos, but I could still see clearly through both in fading light when I could no longer use the Swaro' scope on my rifle.

    I chose the Leica Geovid 10x42 HDs in the end and have been really pleased with them. I got a range reading off a large boulder the other day at 1893 metres (nearly 700 metres further than they're supposed to range) and the detail at distance, when compared to my very good Minox HGs, is superb!

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    I bought the Zeiss Victory RF 10X45 last year. I think they were 1700 direct from Zeiss in Welwyn.

    They are excellent, but the 8X would have been just as good, and a few 's less.

    In the end you pays your money and takes your choice, as all the top end binos are very close in performance.

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    You have a PM.


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