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Thread: Pneumatic Rear Shooting Bag

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    Pneumatic Rear Shooting Bag

    MOA systems shooting bags

    Have any of you guys seen or used one of these, or anything like it before?

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    Don't fancy lugging another 2 1/2 lbs around for prone shot when most shots will be taken of my newly made quad sticks!

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    Deer man my shooting is 95% on a range so it's mostly all prone. Was looking for opinions from those who may shoot FT/R as well as stalk. Your 100% right though no one out for deer is going to lug it about but on a range with your target at 600 yards that may be another matter.

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    Two and a half pounds is far less than a bunny bag filled with heavy sand. If it stable then the weight of range day kit could actually go down for a change.

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