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Thread: rut HAS started

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    rut HAS started

    filmed this, this morning. a buck chasing a doe and another doe (hanger on)

    could,nt find any backstop to get a shot.
    also called in a young doe to 15ft

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    Some nice footage there buddy, we have had a few chasing now down here this week so I guess, I am trying to contain myself with them though as we are leaving all of our better Roe Bucks to rut out & go over this season.

    Still even if you can't shoot them its lovely to watch.

    Regs Lee

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    Nice one John, you Yorkshire boys are always a bit foward when it comes to the oppisite sex


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    and as stated not always that succesful! No shot taken

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    Knowing JR I bet he was cocked and ready


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    lucky beggar , down in norfolk im seeing bucks and doe together but no chasing , a bit of air sniffing and thats about it ! surely it cant be far away !!!
    cheers lee

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    My mate called and shot a 6 pointer yesterday morning down in Wilts ...........................

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    I would have used the terror call when he was first going past, it could have stopped him in his tracks or brought in the doe that he was chasing. Good footage though.

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    any call was poinless as there was never going to be enough back stop/pointless educating him i will return.

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    Having a difficult time not only locating deer but getting one in the open, it was with some relief to see a buck chasing a doe this morning within 10 minutes of arrival. Anyway 20 minutes later they had'nt re-emergrged so a gentle stalk another 100m to a vantage point produced nothing either.
    A further 30 minutes waiting were i was looking at a buck last week still nothing a call then another burst, nowt. "bug**r".....
    Now stalking in slow motion then stopping every 100m for a call produced a blank.
    Till we came to another productive vantage point. 20minutes of silence and then a call........
    2 fieps later a movment to my left 100m away caught my eye. A big buck appeared and began to fray a sapling, Alerting rodger to the beast i called and he slowly made a cautious approach through what ever cover he had stopping all the time to thrash what ever was in his path.
    Time stood still as there he was then he was,nt shot on shot off.
    Telling rodger to take what ever shot was available apart from face on we waited, then he stepped into a gap now disinterested in the call.
    A very large fiep froze him bang Game over the buck fell to shot got up made it 10m into cover and bled out.
    We could'nt see this from our position so we sat for 15 minutes before aproaching.
    Letting young breeze have her head she found the strike. looking at the blood and there was loads i decided on a liver shot and though at that point long enough had elapsed for said deer to have expired.
    Following the blood into the braken breeze located him almost immediatly very DEAD as expected a liver shot but under those circustances a decent result.

    a very old animal indeed hence the slow approach.

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