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Thread: Shooting & Fishing Fun Weekend.

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    Shooting & Fishing Fun Weekend.


    Some years ago I used to put on a weekend for some air rifle shooters, targets in the woods and fishing on some lakes and thinking of doing it again. They were enjoyable at first but the air rifle guys lost the word FUN out of the weekend.

    So I have the opportunity to put together a weekend of shooting and fishing in the summer for a group of like mined guys looking to loose some rounds down range, catch a fish or two and bull sxxx over a drink. So I figure that I should see if there is any interest first.

    My idea is for 10 to 15 guys who would camp to start with. All meeting and pitching camp on a Friday night. At my venue in Leicestershire.

    Then Saturday have a fun day shooting from ranges of 60 to 350 yrd with rim fire and full boar rifles. Targets of red, roe and muntjacs along with the normal bullseye. A competition also would be within the day see who's the best shot. Along with some decent prizes.

    Sunday where we would camp I have 3 nice lakes fully stocked that are rarely use. So a day fishing for carp, bream, chub, perch and Rudd. The perch and Rudd can be caught on the fly or even a hook and maggot . But the fishing is catch and release only no nets.

    The weekend would include cooked breakfast saturday and sunday and a BBQ Friday and Saturday night.
    I have the use of a large old brick barn with a skittle alley and tables and chairs.
    Have to look into loos rent and insurance first before I commit to anything as its been a while.

    You would have to bring your own tent, rifles and fishing gear, FAC, insurance ect.. But I would provide everything else land, targets, fish ect.
    Hoping I could do it for around 250 per person for the weekend including the food.

    Would any one be interested.
    Feed back would be appreciated.


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    Andrew ,it's just a bit pricey chap in this recession hit times everyones skint or what little cash they have is going on ammo or the odd paid stalk ,good idea but don't think that many would consider it in these times ,hope I haven't offended you in any way just some honest feedback

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    Got to agree with norma unfortunately Andrew

    250 for a bit of fun shooting and a rod in a pond with a barbi is a pretty penny

    Four mates sharing a tent would be looking at a 1000 plus fuel, beer etc...

    Nice thought though

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I under stand guys. My problem is porta loos are not cheap and have looked into insurance WOW, the use of the land ect.
    Everyone wants a piece of the pie when it comes to land rent.
    But thanks and no offence was taken.
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    Really like the concept and be great for introducing new shooters but I agree, 250 is too much.

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    Interesting concept i'm sure it would be popular if cost was lower as said or it involved a smaller group and stalk/cull for the bbq.

    Whats wrong with a long drop?

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