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Thread: Stalking or any other form of shooting.

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    Stalking or any other form of shooting.


    Is there anyone know or offer shooting on a Sunday possible sat afternoon as well. In or around the Thurso area as I will be spending every second weekend up there and won't be able to work. Will need the use of an estate rifle as well. Any help appreciated.


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    Hi David - - I hope you're fine. If you don't find anything up North you'ld be as well coming down here again. Only a couple of hours if you put the foot down. We don't normally stalk Sundays here, but then again do the Roe really know what day it is ? - - I shouldn't imagine it'll do any harm. The local Minister wouldn't be missing me either !


    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Hi John, yes am fine thank yourself? when I get the dates confirmed I shall be in touch, I knew you didn't normally stalk Sundays but shall be in touch to organise something might even see about Saturday evening stalk as I don't think we are being aloud to work past 12 Saturday afternoon.


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