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    I've had a change of mind. I'm looking for a light weight stalking/ vermin scope. So I'm thinking a swarovski or s&b. it needs to be illuminated ret & around 5-18 x 50/56. Anything in this kind of range would be considered. Budget is 900 ish. Will push a little if perfect scope comes along. Please pm me. Many thanks all.

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    Bump and budget is now 1000 ish

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    got a 3-12x56 kahles (B) 30mm only 1 year old no illuminated ret ??? any good to you at all??

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    looking to push myself to spend money for a scope to use the next 10-20 years so im really trying to get the ideal scope. really it needs to be a illuminated. but thank you very much. ideal would be swarovski pvi2 high grid 6-24x50. many thanks for offer

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    I've a non illuminated PVI 6-24x 50 and cannot fault it at all. The clarity of these scopes is second to none.

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