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    Any one know of any Teckel litters about at the minute?

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    Try Nick Valentine, Ross on Wye- 01989750877.

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    with Deerman here
    if you can't get hold of Nick
    then try Brenda
    both can be contacted under this address -
    both know what they are talking about and they won't lead you astray
    with both good and bad points
    defo worth a phone call just to listen to their advice and which litters to choose from

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    I met the lady in question at the Midland in either 05 or 06 I think, & found her to be a genuine type, helpful & certainly not pushy, she was very knowledgeable on the history of the breed, & I have checked out a lot of what she said to me over the last couple of years, I intend to own & work one or two Teckels eventually. Steve.

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    dont know if you have found a teckel yet ,but anyway i have a litter of kc registered litter of 3 dogs and1 bitch which will be ready in 3 weeks.
    This is the second litter my bitch has had ,and i can supply references from the purchases of the first litter to the working ability of them.
    One dog is currently working on the wobern abbey estate and the deer manager thinks its the best dog he has owned.

    thx mark

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    You ought to PM Jagare and see if he can help you get one from Sweden they have some of the most profficient dogs around at the moment and to be honest we could do with some good bloodlines to be imported.

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