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Thread: grey squirrel tails

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    grey squirrel tails

    Anyone know who buys squirrel tails these day ? And another thing , now the shooting season is coming to an end why not make an effort to get out and clear the woods of greys

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    Thats my plan tomorrow for afternoon. Get out dray bashing with the 12g. I may save a tail or two for a mate as he fly fishes and I think people use the tail hair for fly tying, I doubt he'd pay me though!!

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    Particularly if you are in an area with any reds in it.

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    Fly manufacturers will pay 10p per tail, I sent some off about 2yrs ago but can't find the company details now... for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Back in the late 60's we used to get 6d (old money) from the game dealer for Grey squirrel tails, there was a bounty on them, we took plenty as kids with air rifles, great sport plus extra pocket money for pellets, I used a BSA Meteor with Eley wasps, great combo, then moved up to an airsporter, great days, where have they all gone.

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    I think a firm called veniards used to buy them for flytying , i presume they still do ?

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    Thats where I used to send mine too, also Jays wings.


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    I will take the whole thing if anyone has some
    jays, magpies, all the usual

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