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Thread: DSC1 Surprises or Expectations

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    DSC1 Surprises or Expectations

    Hi all,

    I have my DSC1 booked with BASC in Tunbridge at the end of February and was after some advice or pointers from people who have done theirs (not necessarily at this location). I've read all the paperwork and been revising the course data so I'm fairly confident of what to expect over the four days but I thought I would ask if there was anything others found out on their DSC1 that they weren't expecting. Were there things that you hadn't prepared for that came up, kit you didn't realise you needed, stuff you expected but then didn't happen etc? The course booklet is pretty comprehensive so I'm after any of the surprises people encountered that they felt maybe weren't covered, both good and bad.

    I thought this would be helpful for me and any others who have theirs booked. I plan to update the thread with anything I find out in Feb after doing mine.

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    I did my dsc1 up here in Scotland just over a week ago. The only advice I would give after mine is take a good look at the deer identification photos. Some of the lighting/angles and scenes that the photos are taken in can be a bit deceiving until looking really closely. For example there was one photo of some fallow buck fawns which I almost put down as does because the penile sheath was kinda disguised by the grass. Other than that I didnt have any other issues and if you have been revising all the questions it'll be a breeze.

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    If you have done some home work don't worry. The safety walk-around had me worried but they are not out to trick you and may use extra questions to draw out what you know. Identification tripped up a couple of people on mine, just look twice and then make your choice and don't worry about what others do.
    Enjoy it - I found it very interesting and enjoyable

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    Assuming you've identified the correct answers to the multiple choice questions it should be fairly easy to squirrel them away for on the day instant recall in the same way we learnt our Times Tables.

    The known unknowns are the deer ID slides so as already mentioned take time to study as much as you can. I also recall being handed a laser pen during one lesson to point out the aiming mark on awkwardly angled deer which was good fun and comforting to know there are instances when neck shots are acceptable!

    You might also wish to rehearse your safety related narratives which will help with any nervousness when meeting the in-the-field Assessor.

    Lastly, ensure your rifle is perfectly zeroed before the test shoot and spend time practising the course of fire. I spent a morning at Bisley the day before the course and shot the series several times at an aiming circle half the size of DMQ's and from double sticks. Couldn't believe it when told I could have shot the test from a tripod!

    Good luck

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    although its an assessment try to enjoy the experience... sounds a bit airy fairy i know but i really enjoyed the "learning" and kept that with me for the assessment. do your research and revision and you will be suprised how easy it is!!!!
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    n-h - a great thread to post, a very good question to raise in my view and we'd be keen to read the responses.

    Calgeo coped with being surprised at a. how good looking I was and b. how impressive the 'power band' is in reality*

    * only one of these statements if true

    Hard to comment from this side of the equation, but one theme that does come across is the 'helpful mate syndrome'. Any provider should be only to happy to answer any queries - and I mean any. Its your time, money and effort - there are no silly questions. In that way you get it from the horses mouth so to speak.

    We've had a few turn up - having ignored all the guidance notes and followed directions from pals such as - ' dont bother going through the manual in detail, they only ever ask the easy questions' and 'dont learn the safety questions because you just do what you normally do and its fine'. Any suggestion implying there is less work to put in has an obvious attractiveness, but it results in the bad kind of surprise!

    Good luck - as has been said ( and agree sounds a bit funny and easier said than done ) try to enjoy the process - you get much more from it that way. Let us know how it goes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Lastly, ensure your rifle is perfectly zeroed before the test shoot and spend time practising the course of fire.
    Definitely worth practising the shooting test.

    While the test isn't that difficult, you have the added pressure of your fellow students watching you.

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    Nothing worse than surprises in what is an already stressful situation yet I’m reliably informed there are still candidates turning up with a rifle that has yet to be zeroed. Not the best of starts or one likely to endear you to the RCO!

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    I was really struggling with the deer ID module in particular the differences between Red and Sika and to ID roe bucks and does correctly in winter after casting.
    Secondly I have seen people turn up for the marksman assessment who had never shot a rifle before, used the RCO's rifle and passed the test first time - so you shouldn't worry too much about that part, it is not too hard to shoot within a 6" target at 100Yrds even for novices.
    My impression was the course leaders wanted everybody to pass and helped out those people who were struggling with specific issues.

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    Cheers for all the pointers so far guys. I'm definitely doing my homework but unfortunately I'm having to use their rifle as I've only recently got my scope on my new .243 and all the land I currently shoot is only cleared for shooting from "an elevated position" not the best place to be zeroing a rifle. I was supposed to have got another farm cleared last month for CF but due to a recent bereavement I've had to put the new place on hold until things settle down.

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