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Thread: Swarovski spotting scope

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    Swarovski spotting scope

    HI folks

    I haven't used my swarovski spotting scope in nearly two years and contemplating selling it or would even consider swapping it for deer stalking (not land ) just stalking deer if the right offer was on the table.

    Not the one you want to take stalking but for twitching but may be taken for stalking as comes with tripod etc...

    Its approx eight years old in excellent condition (body & lens) and has outer original case.
    It's the HABICHR AT80 HD

    The eye piece is the 20-60x has it's original case and protector.

    The tripod has two extendable legs in mint condition and also has the single leg through the center of the tripod with a Optricon bench clamp

    Almost forgot there is a attachment that can fit over the eye piece allowing you to screw and attach your digi camera. If you look at the pictures that I posted on here showing red deer etc that was the set up I used and the scope.

    Only thinking of selling as said ain't used it for a while not even during the last red rut as been to busy and the way things are looking ain't going to be using it for a while either and I don't like keeping things if I ain't going to use them as such.

    The Mrs reckons I'll regret it if I sell as not in need of money allowing the idear of swapping for deer stalking not a bad I dear.

    Price was not a clue as still up in the air on what to do (see/keep), if this does not meet the criteria of the site rules in stating a price please remove before some jump on the bang wagon.

    Any questions or offers (stalking) let me no.

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    How much?
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    I could be interested in doing a swap for stalking. Will send a pm

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    PM's replied too..

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    hi i can do both take you stalking or buy the scope as its sounds just what i'm after let me know
    K C Rimmington

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    Hi i have red in the highlands and roe north yorks some munties and cwd in Norfolk but not much but some
    K C Rimmington

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    Just giving this the famous BUMP.

    Also I've decedied to sell this now as had no follow ups with the offers.

    If any body interested please let me no.

    I would prefer collection due to the cost etc... but will post recorded delivery first class.

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    I will put pictures on by Wednesday

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    How much are you asking for this weeman?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Southdowns_stalking View Post
    How much are you asking for this weeman?
    They are selling for that on evil bay with not good quality and components etc.
    Any further info etc... Please just ask.

    The pictures I put on here in the. Photo section of the stags were taken around 80 yards with a 10 mega pixel camera attached

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