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Thread: fly fishing gear

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    fly fishing gear

    A few years ago i packed up and sold my fishing gear, looking to start again and hopefully buy a complete outfit or w.h.y ? DF

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    Hi DF,

    I sell kits to my clients after i have taught them, they can be seen here and i can give a 10% discount to you if you are interested. They are ideal for reservoir fly fishing and i also use them for Sea Trout fishing.
    I have sold plenty of these over the years and have never received a complaint.
    They even come with a spare tip in case of accidents.



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    What type of fishing are you thinking of?

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    Just small stillwaters, i used to own a 7wt hardy stillwater perfection that i got on with but maybe something lighter would be better.

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    I have a 7wt 10 foot 3 piece Wychwood Extremis H-L-S, brand new they were £100 +, this has sat in my
    cupboard for a while and not been used at all, yours £50 plus post, may have a couple of new 7wt lines as well.
    PM me if they are of any interest please.


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