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    Can you....

    Can you freeze venison thaw it out and freeze it again? I was told from a customer you can freeze game twice, how reliable this is I'm not sure.

    I have some venison that I was given to me from a friend frozen two days after it was shot I believe. I have thawed it out and minced it to make burgers but I don't think I can eat it all. Can I re freeze it or would it last till Saturday. I'm going to a mates having a few beers and burgers would complement the drink I'm thinking.

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    Just keep in the fridge till Saturday, it'll be fine. I normally hang for five days so a few days in the cold should be no problem buddy

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    Not good practice. Generally speaking any bacteria lurking on the meat when you first freeze it will still be there when it is defrosted - don't forget, any bacteria will multiply given the correct conditions - freezing only holds bacteria in a dormant state , it doesn't kill it.
    When you mince your defrosted meat or make it into something else there is another chance for those bugs to multiply, and if your burgers are not well cooked you increase the risk of food poisoning
    Sorry , sounds a bit harsh - got my professional head on!

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    I have never had a problem from burgers or sausage that had been made from game or venison in this manor
    every couple of years I will empty my freezers of all the old game and venison , give it to my butcher and he turns the whole lot into sausages , I'm still here and getting fat on them all
    your meat your choice thou..

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    It is perfectly fine to thaw and refreeze. Just try and make sure you thaw to a cold tempreture, the bugs only get going when it is warmer . I researched this a while back and found a govt website about food hygiene. The time thawed just counts as time in the fridge.

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    Well they went down well. One with mayo, one with sweet chilli and I only managed a bite out of the one with mustard.

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    Just reporting what i was told have no idea if this is true but hear goes.
    A stalker and someone in the meet trade told me that re freezing thawed meat was acceptable if done correctly however he stated that the quality was dramatically reduced with repeated freezing due to water/fluid loss.
    If i can i vacuum pack my meat and usually hang it to.
    So it’s usually fairly dry when it goes in the freezer however when thawed always water /fluid in the thawing tray. So may be some truth in what he says.
    will get on to myth busters see what they say, does anyone else think kari Byron has had surgery ?

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    Defrost in the fridge keep below 7 deg at all times and refreeze i am told you will be fine as long as it was clean when it was frozen.

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