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Thread: Longe range courses

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    Longe range courses

    Does any one know of a longe-range rifle course that is held in the UK? I am particularly interested to learn about all the factors that will influence a bullet's flight path (500m plus) however insignificant, how to measure and make suitable allowances for them.

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    The NRA at Bisley offer target rifle courses and have the facilities for shooting out to 1000m.

    Details can be found here:

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    Riflecraft run some long range courses.

    I've used them for some work on my rifle, but not attended any of their training. If anyone else on the site has attended one of their courses I'd be interested to hear about it.


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    long range

    You could ask Griff wether he intends another long range weekend along with Lee from Border Barrels?. Steve.

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    I'd be interested I never say no to more practice.


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    I have pursued a few leads on courses but none have got me anywhere. Riflecraft presently aren't able to do anything because of technical issues with the range they use.

    I would be really grateful if anyone could just show me a dry run of what they do when taking a 600 meter plus shot. I am looking for a quick intro so as I am familiar with the various facets I need to consider and subsequently study up on in my own time. What equipment is used, what variables are you measuring and how are you compensating for them etc. etc.?

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    I'm sure that Lee @ Border barrels would be happy to advise you either by e-mail or a short chat on the phone, he was the other half of the team on Griff's long range weekend, he was also a gold medal winner in Canada, once you have it explained , it becomes a lot less daunting, & Griff & Lee had everyone on the course achieving first round hits @ 600 for starters, Probably the best weekend I have spent shooting that didn't involve live quarry! Just a shame Griff isn't planning another anytime soon. Steve. 8)

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    Was trawling the web & found a guy shooting deer @ 1000+ yds in NZ, using a7mm/404 suppressed, he even humps a table/bench gear on his back up the mountain!

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