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Thread: Neck shots

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    Neck shots

    I know all the books recommend the heart/lung shot, but alot of people seem to endorse the neck shot if it is at a suitable range & the shooter is confident of his markmanship.
    Has anybody got a diagram that shows the correct areas for shot placement ,as my books only refer to it but there are no diagrams.
    or maybe someone can recomend a suitable book that shows it.
    Does anybody have any advice for a newboy.

    Thanks needsy.
    Ps.May I wish you all A merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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    I for one don't like neck shots, but I practice them just incase one is needed! My preference is a low neck shot at the 'Meaty' end. More to go at and easier than top neck shots. I have done only a couple and they were good shots, the first was because the ass hole I was stalking with insisted on it even though I was buying the meat! It went well but when I reached the deer it was starring back at me. I didn't like that, I like to see deer's eyes looking into the next world not holding on to this one. I think that you need to know how to neck shoot well and also how to handle your feelings when it goes wrong.

    Many will feel different about this, but for me thats it. Some people will also say that if you can't manage a neck shot you shouldn't be stalking. Nothing in life is set in stone. I used to pride myself in my accurate shooting, at the moment I'm having to relearn those skills. Never take anything for granted my friend!

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    have a look at the XRay targets you can buy,

    I prefer heart and lung, I can live with a bit of meat damage and dont eat the ribs anyway,
    but I cannot live with the chance of a deer running off with its throat blown away,

    edit for mong spelling

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    My only advice for a newboy, (I regard myself as one as well) is only take a neck shot when and if you are confident in what you are doing and if the need arises to take the extra risk. No-one can answer that question for you.
    You will get a lot of people condemn neck shooting and yet in experienced hands it is more common that a chest shot. If you are culling a large number of animals then the difference in game dealer value is significant and hence why they often take mainly neck shots.
    For those of us that only take animals for ourselves, family and friends and rarely send them to the game dealer then I feel a neck shot is unnecessary. I was convinced that I should be neck shooting and when I tried it, I was not confident and missed. I have not taken a neck shot since.
    I butchered a fallow pricket this morning and reckon that I probably wasted about 1.5lb of meat with a chest shot. Small price to pay for clean kill with a larger margin for error.

    This question shows itself in many ways over previous months and I am not sure how honest some of the answers have been in the past. Lets not feel that we will be over examined on what we say and try to be as straight and true as we can.
    I would be very interested if there is an diagrams to show the ideal POI for a neck shot.

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    I agree with all the posts so far. Its bad enough having to put two bullets in a muntjac (both chest) as I had to do the other day, never mind a clumsy neck shot! Deer welfare first.

    Neck shot only when its very necessary and unavoidable!

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    Thanks for the replies, I'm not looking to go out & neck shoot beasts, but I was interested in the area that a stalker would aim for.
    The heart/lung shot seems a fairly large area that is easily identified from most angles.
    I would think that the neck is a different matter, I would imagine that there are areas where a bullet may pass through without being fatal.
    I'm just interested to see what sort of size/position that this shot would require & how easily identified it would be from different angles.
    It would be interesting to see actual target areas , so that I can understand, when people talk about neck shooting & learn a little bit more.

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    Have a look at the pics on this article.
    I know its from over the pond but things are pretty simular I hope its of help.


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    I have neck shot quite a lot of deer over the years and don`t have a problem with it so long as it is done properly!

    When i have done work for the forestry commission and done the skills tests before sarting, i have been asked if i would neck shoot a deer and when i repiled YES, there wasn`t a problem with it so long as it were safe etc. Obviously these shots should only be taken with experience and at a relatively close distance.(YES !!! I know, The Forestry Commission, a bone of contention with some).

    I hold my hands up to shooting big a stag after the rut in the neck and it set off running up the hill when i could have done with it running down the hill towards the van. It collapsed dead at the top and it then took me 2 1/2 hours to drag it down, serves me right i suppose.


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    In previous years have always gone heart/lung with no problems to speak of.This season have been shooting with experienced stalker who preferred me to take neck shots if possible .I have to say that although scepticall at first I am now totally happy with the neck shot .I have shot 20 or so reds in the last few weeks at varying ranges all with complete success .I consider a good neck shot far humane than the heart/lung one .
    Its only my opinion ?

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    Whoosh,!!! God, i thought i was going to to get a right telling off for my opinions.


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