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Thread: which 308 & mod for my budget

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    which 308 & mod for my budget

    Hi chaps i've already read the last post surrounding my subject to question. I have a decent budget just under a four figure some. I will prob opt for a a synthectic stock, as it will be used on the hill for stags. I have a s&b 8x56 scope waiting to go on it. My toruble is i cant afford to make a mistake in buying the rifle because the pennies. So what are your recommendations on rifle & mod ( i am keen on getting a wildcat ) but with all your advice & exsperiance i'm sur you can point me in the right direction.

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    With the budget you have outlined I would go for a Howa Stainless Synthetic and a S&B 8x56, forget the mod for now unless you can stretch to affording it, the money is better spent on quaility Glass.

    Dont forget you will need good quality mounts too.

    If you do go for a mod personally I would not have a Wildcat if I was given one, they are not that well made and are quite loud.

    Look at an ASE jetz if the budget will stretch that far.


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    I love sakos but there out of budget. never seen a tikka that cant be made to shoot excellent quality for the money,65% of my new clients turn up with a t3 all shoot.
    as for mod take a look at the new north star reflex half the length of a wildcat all stainless steel. jackson rifles.
    think the t3,s can be bought factory threaded now.

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    a sako is not out of your budget if you have a hunt about for a nice second hand one ive just bought a 75 varmint in spot on nick for 750 with bipod and mounts, but if you really want new then maybe have a look at a remington 700

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    tikka t3 synth stainless for my money, im not a fan of the wild cat either, i dont think theyre as good as a t8, let alone a ase ultra, or a mannlicher theyre the mutts nuts in my mind


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    Look for a Sauer 202 second hand. Loverly guns

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    I've heard some good reports about the RWS Titan. Nice price and switch barrel too in anticipation of that next windfall and the desire for another calibre.

    See here -

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    Browning A-bolt . the price is very low for the moment in Belgium , so probably the same in the UK . Here at about 1/2 price of a T3 synthetic. Very light , good accuracy , well finished .
    I use the " European " wich has a set trigger . In this forum there has been some discussion on the A bolt trigger. Have a look .
    Sometimes you are better of with a good S/H rifle. All but one of my shotguns are bought S/H . I made some exeptional good deals on a least a few of them.

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    Cheers chaps for the advice i will look into all what you have said its just a mine field out there as you all no.

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