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Thread: Looking to replace my .22 rimfire

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    Looking to replace my .22 rimfire

    I am looking to replace my rather tired Mauser 107 .22 lfb bolt action rifle. I have seen the CZ 452 silhouette but now also the zkm 455 thumbhole. There is also the Weihrauch HW 60 and the Anschutz XIV. does anyone own any of the above or have any sound advice please? I currently run a 12" barrel so want to keep the new one short too. Hoping to handle a few at the show next week.

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    See my sako finnfire for sale in classifieds, great rifle. Same style as anschutz xiv.

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    ive a1417 thumbhole with 14" barrel and its fantastic, light, short and beautifully built , highly recommend it, ive also a Finnfire hunter 18" barrel , a bit longer ( mini c/f build tbo) and in my opinion with a better trigger than the annie,but not a better stock, both as accurate as each other and both top of the tree for rimmies, i couldnt choose which is better if being honest ,

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    If you are after a working rifle i would heartily recommend the 452 , i have had a 452 'style' (black synthetic stock / nickel finish metalwork ) for about 15 years (it replaced an old no'2 Brno ) , shrugs off all weathers and total neglect / abuse ,the only thing that needs sorting is the trigger - easily / cheaply done with a brooks trigger kit , i have several other rimfires inc' sako finnfire , Anschutz , Walther but the CZ is as accurate and reliable as anything out there ,heard some less than complimentary comments on the new model cz's (post 452 models) - cheap /simplified build that has not improved the rifle - but thats only heresay as i have not handled one yet .

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    Without a doubt CZ all day and every day. I have the thumbhole virson before that I borrowed my sons CZ that had had thousands of rounds through it. Both rifles supremly accurate and totaly reliable. if money was no object I would still have a CZ. Trigger job was about 20.Some may disagree but I think that this is the best rimfire ever made.

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    Ill second the cz , which is a fantastic rifle . Most people who have a rim fire for work have one, but I've never felt the need to get the trigger done .

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    I've had aa Anschutz 17/10 for years, brilliant rifle, the Weihrauch is excellent too. better wood than the Annie, nothing to choose between them for accuracy. However, my mate has a CZ American that does just as good a job as the others for a fraction of the cost,

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    CZ Rimfire

    See Tartinjock on here he has a nice CZ 452 for sale, good price and they are as good as everyone says. I also own one and wouldnt part with it or see any need to chage for a CZ455. the 452 has a crisp trigger from factory and if you wanted to adjust the trigger you can get kits for around 10 on ebay to modify to your needs.Good luck

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    hi bud, ive got a cz 455 laminate varmint with the thumbhole stock and 16 inch barrel its a cracking wee gun, really accurate with eley subs. As said above the trigger was a bit shabby and i got a rimfire magic kit for 12 and fitted it in jig time and it totally transfors the trigger

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    A CZ 452. The 455 lacks the extra locking lug of the 452 and only locks up on the bolt handle root. Why they would change 60+ years of successful design -other than to save production cost- is beyond me. I can't help but look a the 455 as the 'economy' model of the 452 and a lesser gun in the viewing.~Muir

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