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Thread: Morning all!

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    Morning all!

    Hello All,

    James age 30 here from Nottinghamshire, new to this site & UK Varminting. Thought it about time I joined so I can have the crack, gain & hopefully share knowledge.

    I'm an heavy construction plant engineer, and come from farming/butchering/engineering Background. I Have a springer spaniel & Ferrets. DSC qualified. I've been shooting since childhood "it's all dads fault".... began with air rifles gained FAC & SGC at age of 15 & full bore from age 16 have been reloading since day 1. Stalked my first fallow buck pre teens, still yet to take Sika & CWD. I enjoy most disciplines of shooting, stalking, hunting etc, oh and fishing when I ever get time & have hunted in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Africa

    Current "Thunderstick" calibers: .22RF .17HMR .17Rem .20 Vartarg Turbo, .223Rem 6mm-284 .260Rem 7mm-08Rem 7mm Rem Mag & .375 Ruger + Sec 1 12g S/A

    A few past calibers: .22WMR .22 Hornet .222Rem .17Rem .204Ruger .223Rem 6mmBR Norma .243Win .7mm-08AI 308Win .357 Mag + others.

    Hope that covers it!



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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