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Thread: TDS - 4I reticule.

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    TDS - 4I reticule.

    Superb crosshairs but I have one question? in the manual included with the scope it describes the two mill dots on either side of the crosshairs on the elevation bar as “a lead for moving game” can somone please explain this to me how this would work?Regards,Glendine Ps. sorry it will not allow me to copy and past an image.

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    Say you have a boar running left-to-right you would place the left dot on the shoulder?

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    Thanks for your rely,Would that be using 12 x or 2 x there would be a differance in both powers.Thanks,Glendine.

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    You may struggle to find a running target with x12 mag therefore I would imagine it would be more for guidance on lower mag settings

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    Arn't those reticules usually on the second focal plane, so the reticule zooms with the image through the scope. So regardless of mag the distance between the dot and cross-hair remain constant through the mag range be it 3x or 12x. Thats how it works on my Swarovski

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glendine View Post
    Thanks for your rely,Would that be using 12 x or 2 x there would be a differance in both powers.Thanks,Glendine.
    I guess there must be some info in the manual or website what is the distance between the dot and centre on certain mag. I would not personally use that on a driven hunt but I guess it can be quite useful shooting running boar on a range. You can figure out the magnification and the speed is constant.
    People shooting competition I know (Poland) often use 10x or 12x for running boar at 50m, but dont think I saw anyone useing this reticule.

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    Thanks Greg,I have emailed swarovski and the emailed back to say when the find out the will let me know.When the do I will copy and paste the answer.Glendine.

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    The good folk at Swarovski emailed me this reply the give great customer service.There are no rule about this reticle. Fact is, that the distance between the dots is 20cm (with 12x at 100m).These dots were designed especially for the Scandinavians. They have to shoot on a running moose target (at the shooting range). In this case they can adjust the scope with the right magnification according to the caliber, the speed of the target and the distance to the target.The reticle is in the second focus plane so you change the aiming point on the target by adjusting the magnification. Your customer has to try it for example at a shooting range. The following three points are important: - Caliber (velocity)- Speed of the target- Distance to the target As you can see it is quite a complex topic. But a hunter can use these dots with his experiences. He maybe knows the game that is coming (e. g. red stags, wild boars). He also could imagine where the game is passing his stand. With these information he could adjust the magnification (and so the dots) according to his caliber. We do not have a table with all these data but maybe you could forward the following link to the customer (sorry, but it is in German). There he can adjust all these attributes and he can see the aiming point. Vorhalterechner All the best,

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