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Thread: Boar information?

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    Boar information?

    I've just found out that there are a group of Boar within a mile or so of my house!! Nobody knows where they came from as there are none anywhere near here. They are not welcome in the area due to outdoor pig units etc.. and the chap that shoots the land has been asked to remove them all. He has so far shot a small male. They are not on any of my ground yet, but i want to be a little more prepared in case they move after the harvest which is quite likely. Also, I cover the deer RTA's in this area and might meet Mr Large Piggy one dark night on the side of the road. Can anyone recommend any good books about boar as I would like to broaden my knowledge and be as prepared as possible. I realise that I cannot become a great boar expert/hunter from just reading a book, but i have to start somewhere!
    Oh, before anyone asks, I do have a slot on my ticket for a 30.06 for boar! I just haven't bought one yet!
    Thanks in advance.

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    be sensinle and get the 30-06.

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    Hello MS

    Type in There is a lot of info there and they may have links to books.

    I believe Standbuck was joking about the .243 for boar as we all know the minimum caliber is .270 Boar must also be on your certificate it is not covered by vermin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PREDATORCONTROL
    Hello MS

    Type in There is a lot of info there and they may have links to books.

    I believe Standbuck was joking about the .243 for boar as we all know the minimum caliber is .270 Boar must also be on your certificate it is not covered by vermin.
    Cheers, I've already looked at that site which is pretty good. The vital organ section in the shooting bit is interesting as they are obviously a bit different to deer! I would still be interested in any books though but suspect most are in 'German' or similar?
    I do have boar actually stated on my FAC too which took a small amount of negotiation seeing as we didn't have any locally at the time!
    I don't even have a .243 so no need to worry. Normally use a 25.06 which would probably do the job but I'd rather get something a bit bigger. Some of the reds around here are too big for a 25.06 really! I think the 30.06 is clearly the 'way ahead'!

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    Amazon also has this book. Wild Boar in Europe By Laurent Cabanau
    (available second hand) I have this book and I've read it and it's very good on the Biology and other aspects.
    A lot depends on how 'tame' these boar are. So many farmed releases are F1 crosses so have a lot of domestic in them. My experience is from Europe with true wild baor (well past 100 shot now ) and we could learn a lot from them. Once these pigs know they are being shot at, high seat is the only solution.

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    Sorry StandBuck I myself have never shot Boar but have been on courses that covered them.
    All the so called experts recommended nothing less than .270 to me???

    Perhaps it is not the law??? but it is morally wrong I believe to use anything under the .270 caliber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stand Buck
    270 is NOT the minimum calibre there is no min calibre in the UK for boar.

    I have a friend in Dorset who uses nothing but .243 for the boar on his land.

    I was only joking with MS though
    blimey stand buck
    i don't doubt the ability of a .243 on boar
    but certainly feel you need big cahooneys to use that as your preferred calibre of choice

    i presume he has boar as a condition for the .243
    and what dog does he use for follow up work??

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    wild boar and high seats

    I agree with countrysports5 high seats are necessary but not our little ones. I used to work on an estate in germany we built free standing ones that were quite high certainly bigger than your 3 meter jobs. Wild boar are very clever but greedy so a lot of shooting is done at feed stands.
    Unfortunately when you start to get a population appearing everyone and their dog wants a piece of the action using all sorts of calibers. This is the best way to eradicate them or scatter them and usually people go for the big males and lead female sows creating unrully juvenils which cause more problems.
    I was in the chip shop today and overheard a guy say he was off shooting boar tonight. hmmm just the sort of silly action that goes on no respect for unwritten seasons etc .
    Your have the right idea MS read books ask questions and keep in mind that they are a highly regarded game animal on the continent. After all they have been continually hunting them since before the advent of rifles

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