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Thread: Hard rifle case

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    Hard rifle case

    Hi All,
    I am after a hard case that can be put in the back of the vehicle (with two dogs!)
    No cheap plastic. Plano, Flambeau etc
    Anyone have anything??

    Thanks for the offers Guys
    All sorted now...
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    what do you want to spend, i have a cabela's bullet proof aluminium double scoped rifle case, in the HD .080" thick aluminium, with wheels and a fold up luggage rack.

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    I have a Gun Guard aluminium case which should easily take two scoped sporting rifles. It used to house a huge great target rifle. Measurements are 1m32x38cm. It's more or less indestructible. Yours for 50, and since you're not that far away, we can arrange a handover at some point. Let me know if you're interested.

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