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    looking for some one local that could help me out need to be accompanied stalking with experianced shooter have dsc1 and have rifle 308 tikka lite any help would be great

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    It would help lots if you put your location down and how far you are willing to travel.

    Unfortunatley, I can't help you out, but hopefully on here someone will, there are plenty of experienced stalkers, both professional and pastime on here.

    Good luck.

    Out of curiosity, why did the FLO put that condition on your ticket? What area are you in.


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    Yep, that sounds like a tight FLO to me!! Around here they tend to insist on mentor OR DSC1 on first grant - not both

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    Recon you must be in Dorset as i have the same

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    It could be I have just written a letter to Dorset FLO to recommend the removal of this condition from someone I have been mentoring.

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    live northants area just got a bit off land cleard for deer but said only from high seat but must be accompanied when i asked what do you mean with experianced shooter he said some one with experiance with 308 so looking for a bit off help

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    If you're in BASC then they'd probably help you challenge that condition. What happens if you've only got single highseats on the place??? Stupid and poorly thought through by plod...

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    why are they saying that whomever goes with must have experience with a .308 they just have to be experienced stalkers but im sure now you have a dsc 1 it takes that condition off of your ticket i would ask the police about this if you havent allready im sure they make up these laws as they go along

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    had dsc1 eight months now license 10 when passed dsc1 phoned up and explained that if ive passed surely imust have a bit of experiance was told as it is done in classroom any one could pass with no experianse of deer so basicly just looking for some one to help me in the right direction just feels as iam hitting a brick wall my mate just applied for 223 got deer fox vermin no restrictions was thinking of down sizeing try that in case its the 308

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    I'm currently in nearly the same scenario mate,

    the difference being that a mate was being a mentor for me, l applied for FAC and .308, got it granted and went out once in 18 months with the mentor (has own interests / business etc) - so having got fed-up, went and did the DSC 1, went to my FEO who said the exact same thing as yours, but did say that if the mentor wrote a letter to say they would sign me 'off' l'd be fine. Mentor wont sign me off as they haven't seen me in the field much.....i said 'well l've rung you times and tims and nothing has come of it' to which l had the reply ' l could come out with you and sit in your seats a couple of time - i'll bring rifle too...

    I've also another cf. conditioned to allow me to shoot deer, no restrictions (only on species of course) - l'm now thinking of either getting a 30-06 / .270 to get around it.

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