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Thread: A Couple of Boar Earlier This Week

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    A Couple of Boar Earlier This Week

    Yesterday i went to see if i could Stalk the Wild Boar i got close to last week in the snow. I set off mid morning and i was half way to my bit of Stalking ground when it started drizzling with rain not to be put off i called the Farmer and he said it was dry his end but the wind was getting up a bit, i thought great wind could help my stalking.I soon got to the Farm had a quick coffee and set off through the wood i found a well worn path leading along the edge of a hedge which seemed to be used by Boar , the prints were Boar prints and they looked fresh the wind had really got very strong but was blowing in my face and the rain was starting to drizzle, not to be put off i got off of the path and walked slowly and quietly on the fallen leaves as they made less sound than the soggy path all along the wood i could see the workings of Boar trees rubbed stumps dug all around where they had been searching for food.after 20 minutes i could'nt believe my eyes walking towards me was a large Boar at about 120 ish yards i got down behind a tree and froze as the wind was in my favour i waited, he came slowly closer and closer stopping every few yards to sniff for food he then came to a stop and was looking right at me sniffing the air i thought **** he knows i'm here i lifted my rifle slowly rested on the stump i was trying to hide behind and focused on his head he turned his head to the left and then straight back at me my heart was pounding and i thought any minute he going to give a grunt and run off or grunt and run at me i decide as soon as he looked straight at me again i was going to pull the trigger' he turned and Bang he dropped where he stood and just a few kicks with the back legs at 65 yards' i had just had a proper Stalk on a Wild Boar and was over the moon.I rang the Farmer and he came over with his Truck and we loaded the Boar in the back He was pleased i got the Boar as he thinks it's the one that been causing a bit of a problem around the Farm. He Then said i will take this one back Home as it was and early Kill why dont you have an hour or so in the High Seat i jumped at the chance.The Farmer said i'll go and get this one cleaned up which he done and later text me with the weight of the Boar which was 231 Lbs.
    I got to the high seat and climbed up and got sorted but the wind was now at gale force the seat was fastened to the tree by 2 ratchet straps so i was hoping they were not going to break, the tree which was a very large Oak was moving quite a bit in the gusts of wind that seemed to me to be getting stronger by the minute, then the rain started and with the wind it was like a monsoon it was stupid for me to be sat in a tree in these conditions but i was here and i think we are all a bit stupid when it comes to something we enjoy doing at times.The rain had slowed to a fine mist after an hour but the wind was still blowing a gale but it was quite warm and was drying me out, not long after the rain had stopped then i could hear movement from the Boars that were in the woods and then at 4.45 pm a big Boar came to with in 40 yards and Bang i had number 2 on the Ground. I rang the Farmer for the second time he and his mate came and retrieved the Boar and took it back to the Farm for a clean up , the second one weighed in at 219 lbs i was chuffed with my few hours shooting and so was the Farmer 2 more trouble makers cleared up.By the time we got everything sorted and cleaned up it was dark but i did get a couple of Pics of my day's sport,.

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    Nice couple of beasts ,well done . What rifle/cal you using ?

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    Howa 308 Stainless Heavy Barrel Thumb Hole, with 165 grn PPU

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    Thumbs up

    seems to do the job....!

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    Nice - how many would you say you get a week? Do you bait them or wait for them?

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    like a boss, good man

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