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Thread: Nighthunting using only the moon

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    Nighthunting using only the moon

    Hi did any of you good folk ever experience night hunting using just the full moon.I know its common in Germany. The shooting show had a clip a few weeks back of a guy in Scotland who shot a boar.Would anyone like to share a story or advice please.Many thanks,Glendine.

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    I have a few times, I did a wee write up of one occasion on here;

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    Hi Glendine

    Heres a link to one I shot under the moon in the UK


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    Hi Glendine!
    Yes, here in Germany no artifical lights at all, so only full moon, a snow covered ground, or an hunting area next to bigger towns will supply you with the light to shoot at night.... You definetively need a scope like a 8x56 or -12x56, good quality to catch enough light through it. I had several guests out, who werent used to use this natural light conditions, with some of them I had a hard time getting them to safe and serious shots!
    I highly recommend everybody to get trained to conditions as listed above, and leave he flashlight out of reach!


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Went out a few nights ago to get a heads up on a few foxes, picked a mate up who wanted to come along. I took .17 hmr & night vision he took .223 & scope mounted lamp. Stopped at the farm chatted a while with the farmer then set off, full moon and snow. Plan was sit up put fox call out and wait. Mate then started "too bright, too crunchy under foot, air too still" 20 minutes in I chucked it in and said we would come back another night. Got back to the car then his mission was to make the late shop for some beers before it closed at 2230 hours. Dropped him off, went back and shot a fox just after midnight, saw it coming from about 100yds away in the snow.

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    Went out in the snow with a fox caller and 223 started to call with in 5 mins spotted a fox and shot it just with moon light didnt need my spotlight that night.

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    Hi All,Thanks for the replies the attached links to the stories by Wayne and Nickj Are great I found them very informative and itís nice to see Wingy and Sako 243 Norma made the most of the current weather conditions to shoot some foxes. Thanks for the equipment advice Michael a large objective lens makes sense.Regards,Glendine.

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    I tried it a few weeks ago in Northern Switzerland. It was almost full moon and we had plenty of snow on the ground. Saw foxes and boar quite clearly. The main problem was the cold, minus 11.

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    Done it once or twice with bunnies on the greens at golf courses. On either very clear moonlit nights, or heavily overcast nights with a lot of reflected city light they silhouette very nicely against the smooth turf.

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